Opportunities: AI, Fundraising, and Communications Positions

Earth Species Project is now accepting applications for several positions: AI Engineers, a Science & Technology Writer, and a Director of Developments. 

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Date published: 2021/04/27

We are hiring artificial intelligence engineering, fundraising, and communications positions to support our mission to decode animal communication and language.

We are an open-source collaborative and nonprofit dedicated to decoding animal communication. From the practical (warning whales of oncoming ships) to the profound (communicating beyond Earth), the potential of this technology is immense. We believe that an understanding of non-human languages will change our ecological impact on the planet—that understanding Earth’s species helps us protect them.

Our open-source collaborative works with the world’s leading scientific research institutions including Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, SETI Institute, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and many more.

All of our roles are fully remote, and the full-time roles have competitive benefits and ample PTO.

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Principal AI Researcher

The Principal Researcher will sit as part of the management team for the Earth Species Project. Along with the research team, you will be responsible for developing and executing pioneering research towards decoding and translating non-human languages, including extending unsupervised translation techniques and tackling cornerstone biological and computational problems on large-scale multimodal behavioral data.

Senior AI Researcher

Senior Researchers are responsible for developing new techniques in bioacoustics and machine learning, publishing, and pushing forward the state-of-the-art, working with our academic partners, executive team, field biologists, and other machine learning experts to determine and execute the technical roadmap. You’ll work with the rest of the research team, giving feedback, code, and concept reviews as well as executing on your own research projects.

Science & Technology Writer (contract)

You will develop original creative content about our machine learning research, fieldwork, and about advances in the fields of bioacoustics and machine learning, generally, as they relate to our work.

Director of Development

The Earth Species Project is seeking a Director of Development to build the fundraising infrastructure and significantly expand the donor portfolio. Our team of researchers is growing as we make significant progress towards decoding animal communication. You would be developing personal communications to engage our major donors throughout the year, increasing all metrics of success, from growing the major donor base, to donor retention and overall revenue.

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