Job Opportunity: Immersive Learning Specialist (Augmented Reality)

Want to put your game design and virtual reality development skills to use creatively to support the National Conservation Training Center? This position offered through the Student Conservation Association is the perfect opportunity for a candidate with Unity 2018 experience to work collaboratively on a development team creating 3D simulation content for use in conservation courses focused on protecting federal lands. This one-year position is a great way to kickstart a career based in using software and new technology to promote conservation.

Date published: 2020/03/09

Expected Dates

May 25, 2020 to May 23, 2021

Accepting applications now. Apply by completing the form at the SCA website.


National Conservation Training Center

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Located within the USFWS Distance Learning Branch, the Immersive Learning Specialist works on a development team to create 3D simulations, to include augmented and virtual reality technology, to be integrated into residential conservation and leadership courses offered at the National Conservation Center.


Provides graphic design and technical support with the development of distance learning products and courseware

Supports continuous learning and development for Service employees and other conservation professionals to help them maintain and preserve the nation’s lands, waterways, and resources.

Main Area of Focus

Education and Interpretation

These trainings demonstrate to our participants how to be good caretakers of this public trust and make federal lands available to the American public for recreation, such as hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, wildlife photography, etc. In addition, professional development will pave the way to help Service employees and others to be good stewards of America’s natural resources and balance this stewardship with regulatory reform.


Experience or coursework with one or more of the following software/skills:

  • Unity 2018 or higher experience/training on:
    • Basic game design
    • Virtual Reality development
    • Augmented Reality development
  • C# coding 
  • Blender or 3ds Max 

Education, Training & Skills Expected

Computer Science: Competent without supervision

Social Media: Competent with supervision

Web Site Design: Competent with supervision

Compensation Details:

One-time travel allowance: $1,100 (personal vehicle is required)

Weekly living allowance: $275

Monthly housing allowance: $800

Health Insurance

Location Description

National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, WV

Training Provided

Access to and Unity Learn Premium online training courses.
On-the-job training with subject matter experts.

Educational/Recreational Opportunities

Member can monitor current biological, partnership, education and outreach, and leadership trainings. The Center has a variety of walking/hiking trails and has a physical training center.

Handicap Accessible?


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