Career Opportunity: Fisheries Analyst

Global Fishing Watch is now hiring an experienced Fisheries Analyst to support their efforts to collect, analyze, and display data on commercial fishing worldwide. This team member will have the opportunity to analyze fish carrier vessel AIS data, produce summary graphics and maps in R and QGIS, and create reports and presentations based on analyses.

This remote position is ideal for someone with demonstrated skills with GIS mapping and R programming, strong SQL skills, experience in international fisheries compliance and/or monitoring, and an an interest in marine conservation.

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Date published: 2020/06/08

Fisheries Analyst (Global)


Global Fishing Watch is an independent, international nonprofit organization. We are committed to advancing ocean sustainability and stewardship through increasing transparency. We do this by offering, for free, data and near real-time tracking of global commercial fishing activity, supporting new science and research, and boosting global cooperation on ocean transparency. Our ambition is to provide an unprecedented global picture of the pattern of fishing activity by monitoring the large industrial vessels responsible for around 75 percent of the global catch, and developing our platform to track smaller vessels.

Established in early 2019 the Data and Analysis Cell has quickly grown into a global team of fisheries analysts providing open source analysis, training and data products to fisheries managers in governments and intergovernmental institutions. The team's aim is to remove barriers to accessing open source fisheries data whilst promoting transparency and empowering fisheries managers to make the best decision with the best data available. 

The Position

The Fisheries Analyst (Global) is a key position in our independent NGO and will play a central and very hands-on role within our new Analysis Cell. Our mission is to collect, analyze, and display data on commercial fishing, and provide support to improve governance of fisheries in economic zones and monitoring of marine protected areas to countries or entities that may not ordinarily have access to such data. It will include work in support of the research and transparency programs by responding to analysis requests from our wider stakeholder community, including governments, academic institutions, NGOs and media; all under the supervision of the lead analyst responsible for our transshipment work and engagement with RFMOs. It will require well-developed analytical skills, an advanced understanding of fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance and a willingness to work occasional unusual hours. International travel will be moderate. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Conduct Analysis, Graphics, and Reporting:

  • Work collaboratively with partners and the analytical team to collect, analyze, and display data on commercial fishing, and provide support to improve: 1.) governance of fisheries and; 2.) monitoring of various fishing activity on the high seas, including transshipments, fishing, and port visits             

  • Analyze fish carrier vessel AIS data and public registry data from tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMO), often using BigQuery and/or R programming software, to produce reports supporting efforts to improve the monitoring of transshipments in the tuna industry.

  • Produce summary graphics and maps in R and QGIS.

Policy briefings, reports and analysis:

  • Provide operational inputs and improvements from an analysis perspective in the best interest of the organization.

  • In support of the Analysis mission, contribute to a comprehensive set of briefings, white papers and impact case studies that demonstrate the benefits of transparency-led strategies and Global Fishing Watch’s work.

  • Research and understand international fishery management policies and regulations that may impact analytic findings

  • Conduct vessel tracking analysis, and engage with external stakeholders, including government agencies, academic institutions, NGOs and media as needed.

  • Create reports and presentations based on analyses, and present findings and recommendations as needed.

  • Ensure analysis is a strong and integrated component of Global Fishing Watch.


  • Develop and maintain an informed awareness of relevant topics to effectively apply Global Fishing watch to the sustainability of our ocean.

  • Other duties as assigned, including media interviews, public speaking & GFW training events.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree in a relevant area or equivalent experience preferred;

  • A minimum of four years of relevant professional experience required

  • Some experience in international fisheries compliance and/or monitoring, control and surveillance is desirable, especially regarding RFMOs

  • Some experience with marine conservation is desirable

  • Strong analytical and strategic skills are required; specifically understanding the need the effect of data error and scale on results and especially in field of fisheries data and statistical analysis

  • Technical ability with GIS mapping and analysis required

  • Fluency with databases and data mining (SQL) is strongly preferred; specifically fluency in Google BigQuery desirable

  • Fluency in R programming required

  • A task-oriented and inclusive style is needed to achieve report drafting

  • Demonstrated ability to develop and move projects forward with a high degree of independence and autonomy

  • Exceptional English language skills are required; written and oral, and the ability to communicate complex technical and scientific information to RFMO audiences

  • Strong interpersonal skills and readiness to embrace electronic ways of working are required

  • Good judgment, able to make and justify recommendations.

Location: Remote working acceptable; main hubs are San Francisco, Washington D.C., Buenos Aires, Madrid, New York City or London.

Responsible to: Lead Analyst (Transshipment Project Manager)

Salary: Commensurate with experience. GFW offers pension/retirement, health and other benefits commensurate with similar level GFW employees in the country of employment.

Working Hours: Global Fishing Watch (GFW) supports flexible working, so the pattern of hours may vary according to operational and personal needs. GFW works across different time zones and weekend work may be required on occasion. The post holder will be required to undertake periodic domestic and international travel. No overtime is payable.

Holiday: Paid holiday/vacation commensurate with other, similar-level Global Fishing Watch employees in the country of employment. 

Equal opportunities: GFW is an equal opportunities employer and commitment to this process is expected.

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