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Conservation Tech Career Pathways - what do you want to know? 

Hi wildlabbers, I made a casual comment in my post in the friday check in thread...

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+ 1 on the above comment; new to wildLabs, and the exact title of this post is what got me here as I was looking for ways I can contribute to Biodiversity conservation. Excited for the series to come out 

Hi David.

We're interacting with a lot of conservation organizations, more in the area of environmental monitoring/restoration than wildlife. However in regards to you're questions, this is what we're seeing. Also please remember, it's more from a commercial point of a view than academic.

  • what sectors want R vs Python if you do programming/data science

It's probably best to know both. A lot of conservation organizations internally use R, but a lot of the tools that are coming out are python-focused. This is especially true with the machine learning tools.

  • how to best represent all the weird random skills we end up picking up doing our work on a resume/CV

I think it's better to keep a focused CV that clearly expresses what you're looking for or your specialty. Rather than listing all the random skills that you've picked up, I recommend setting up either a portfolio or website where you can talk about all those additional details. For field researchers deploying technology, you have to be extremely resourceful so it's best to highlight that in a blog/portfolio website where you can explain more about what led you to come up with that solution, how you came about it, and the outcome. This would be extremely interesting to someone doing further research on you in anticipation of hiring.

  • comparison of private sector / public service / ngo / academia as workplaces

I can't speak much for academia. From the NGO's we're talking to, the largest ones are kind of early in their conservation technology adoption. Nature Conservancy has a relatively mature conservation technology group that's well funded. Same for WWF. Other orgs we've talked to are more like dipping their toes in the water and often bring outside people to implement specific projects rather than maintaining their own internal resources. Smaller orgs either have no conservation tech departments or fledgling ones. I think many orgs are trying to determine if they need dedicated conservation tech resources and trying to define what that means to them. 

In private sector, if you have programming skills, you'd probably end up being a programmer. This is because software customization and improvement is a never ending task in commercial software. In most orgs, they'd likely expect python since it's more general purpose unless they explicitly ask for R. 

  • how to identify sectors where there's going to be a lot of demand

In terms of wildlife conservation and wildlife conservation technology, the major data collection tools seem to be camera traps, bioacoustic recorders, trackers, GIS, and increasingly drones. The data processing tools seem to be R, python, and familiar with emerging ML tools for data processing. 

The common thread in all of this is that ecologists are drowning in a deluge of data. So being proficient in managing, analyzing, and processing data, especially in building tools to increase efficiency and productivity is probably one of the more desirable skills. Of course expertise in a specific field is important, but ecology is looking more like it also requires general purpose IT/programming skills. 


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Tech Tutors East Africa: Call for Topics and Speakers

Hello everyone,We're so excited to announce that our popular Tech Tutors...

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Definitely second doing one on SMART! It's been asked about before a number of times in other virtual events so I think the need/want is for sure there. 

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Conservation Data Coordinator 

Giraffe Conservation Foundation
Giraffe Conservation Foundation has now opened this opportunity to qualified candidates willing to work remotely. The position is desktop-based and the successful candidate can work from anywhere in the world to provide...

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Writing Bootcamp: Ask the WILDLABS Editor

Hi wildlabbers! Ellie here - I'm the WILDLABS editor! We've just launched...

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Awesome! We were wondering about writing on WildLabs now that you can publish articles to specific topics. My writing skills are a bit rusty too. Looking forward to the article series :)

Thanks Akiba, hope you liked the series and found it helpful! Can't wait to see what you share! If you ever need someone to help brainstorm ideas on how to approach specific topics, drop in here anytime!

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Service Designer

Love design, passionate about conversation? Want to make sure that  technologies that are being developed actually meet the needs of the people who use them? Come and work for us! 

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Writing Bootcamp: Shaping Your Story

In this series, we'll share tips from our editorial team to help you get started writing great case studies, articles, and blog posts right here on WILDLABS! In our third post, Ellie Warren shares advice on structuring...

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Writing Bootcamp: Questions for Writers

In this series, we'll share tips from our editorial team to help you get started writing great case studies, articles, and blog posts right here on WILDLABS! In this second post, Ellie Warren shares the questions that...

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New Platform Help: Troubleshooting & bugs

Hi wildlabbers, We're so pleased to introduce you to the new WILDLABS Platform. For the past 18 months, we've been hard at work building a new home for our...

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I have had two this week. Is there a way to report/ block them?


Messages have started with "Hello Darling" so do not think they are conservation orientated 

Okay great - thanks for flagging this. It's helpful to know it didn't just come to our team's accounts - we also got the same message and blocked the account immediately. Til now our spam filiters have working well blocking accounts like this at the registration stage, but we're going to change some things to prevent abuse of the DM system. We're having a meeting to finalise some decisions on it this morning - will report back after. 



Quick report on what we're doing on the technical side:

First of all, so sorry that this has happened. We worked hard on spam prevention on the registration system and after lots of effort using many different methods, managed to cut that down to zero or almost zero. At least for automated "bot" accounts.

But the user account involved in this seems to have got by that and then used our bespoke messaging system to spam recently logged in users. From the facts that 

  • it targeted recently logged in users (who appear in that order on the member directory) 
  • the messages are spaced apart in time in a way that a robot would probably not do

I suspect this is a manual copy-paste spammer.

We're working on reporting tools and other ways to prevent this but for now we've changed the system so that messages from blocked users will no longer be shown in member inboxes.

Please continue to report spam issues to the WILDLABS team until we work out further solutions for reporting.

Any suggestions from other platforms you use on which reporting tools you find the most helpful will also be much appreciated. We'd love to fix this in a way that helps with any other platform abuse issues that might come up in the future as the community grows.

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Developers, Makers, & Engineers: Recent Supply Chain Issues

Hey Widlabbers, We've heard from several of you who build hardware and develop tech that suppy chains have been slowed down and complicated by COVID-19 impacts recently. We...

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I haven't been affected, my quantities are small and they are all jellybean parts. nothing remotely exotic.

Yes, I am also having supply problems lately, not so much of components as of plates or other materials that I have to receive from Japan (;-), Australia, China, ... My impression is that bottlenecks are occurring in some parts of the supply chain. I imagine that the COVID and the shutdown of the Suez Canal for days did not help ...

Hi all!

Dropping back in to share that we're thinking about how supply chain issues tie into our upcoming series on conservation tech sustainability. We've started a Twitter thread about it here: 

Feel free to continue sharing your thoughts in this discussion thread as well - we'd love to hear more about how the supply chain issues have continued to impact you, as well as how your experiences have related to our questions about sustainability, whether positively or negatively!

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Grants for vehicles

Hi all,  It is an understatement to write that vehicles are necessary for efficient conservation. We all need motorbikes, pickup trucks, 4x4 to get to the places where...

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There was a previous Wildlabs thread on this - but it didn't garner any comments unfortunately. 

I'm not sure if IdeaWild allows for car repairs? The grants are for equipment specifically. That's a small grant anyways though ($1500) so you'd probably need something bigger it sounds like.

I don't know of any grants specifically funding this, but most people I know who have gotten vehicles have applied for bigger grants that they write a new vehicle into as a budget line item (e.g., WWF, WCS, CI, MBZ, national agencies like NSF).   

Hi Carly, 

Thanks for digging up my previous thread (I couldn't find it). I guess I've been asking this question for a few years now!

I had also heard of grants from car companies but it seems they stopped doing this (or limit their support to areas around their factories, like Toyota). 



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Invitation to Silverstrand Capital's Biodiversity Accelerator+

Are you an entrepreneur working to solve the biodiversity crisis through market-based solutions? If so, this call is for you!The Biodiversity Accelerator+ is a...

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Hi Stephanie, 

Thanks for getting back! I have updated the link to our website, where we have our launch event recording and the application form for companies.

In short, we are looking for companies past ideation stage employing either nature tech and/or nature-based solutions. While this is a global call, we will prefer if the company is currently operating in or have intent to operate in South East Asia. We have more examples at our website but I will be happy to answer your questions if any. 

Do follow us on LinkedIn: and feel free to share with your network as well! We do see biodiversity as a serious crisis to tackle and we want to empower founders that are mission-aligned with us. 


Hi Dean,

I love the sound of this accelerator, it's the sort of thing I'm looking to support through Cambridge Consultants' Tech for Good initiative. We're engineers, scientists and designers who could help with advice around building a first prototype of a new technology, or what it takes to get a technology to market quickly, just for example. Would you like to connect for an initial exploratory chat?

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What events/workshops are you looking forward to? 

Hi wildlabbers, I need some hivemind help! What conservation tech related events are you looking forward to in the next few months? I'm talking webinars, workshops,...

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Hi Steph,

Great to hear back. Yes, mostly working on forest conservation and fire in the West but also conservation finance (analog and automated platforms to leverage public/private funding) and remote sensing a fair bit. I need to get back to carnivores! How about you?



Sounds great Stephanie, thanks! I think I'm going to go ahead and put a post in the main Acoustics group also, and then will use the instructions to link that post to the event calendar. Thanks again!

This is a great one! I will be attending virtually.

Though did not receive any feedback to the emails I sent them about issues registrating. Had to call them from Italy to get a response, was not fun -.-" ! But very excited about this event, hopefully everything runs smoothly for us attending virtually, although I'm a little discouraged.

Cheers :)

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Friday check in - what have you been working on this week? 

Hi everyone, How are you all doing this week? I'd love to hear about what you've been working on - drop into the thread today and share photos, wins/fails, interesting...

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Alrighty, since I may as well participate in my own thing and I have thoughts about the tech4wildlife world this week..

It's been a very welcome calm week over with our team. It's been a really crazy nine months so it feels like this week has been the first time we've had a chance to do a big inhale.

I'm still so happy the new wildlabs platform is live out in the world and you all seem to be enjoying it - we've had 250+ new members join in the last few weeks, users are up 70% compared to this time last year and pageviews are up 160%. And we're seeing heaps of activity!

That pageview figure is particularly important for us for right now, as it means we're hitting that big goal of making all the great information sharing by our community easier to find and explore. As activity keeps scaling up, the challenge we're going to face will be about curation and making sure it's not just overwhelming. We have some tools, ways of configuring the site, different roles and new programmes ready to respond and help with that, but for now we're just happy you're all finding and starting to use the platform. 

We are doing deployments every week to fix bugs, improve performance & launch new features. This week was a big one- our DM system went live, which has been the most requested feature. If you're curious, @FilipNest is providing an amusing deployment log here. 

This week we've also been doing a big feature about our East Africa Community - @Netty_Cheruto took over all our socials (@wildlabsnet and WILDLABS Community) to share updates from the first workshop of our Women In Conservation Tech Programme: Kenya. 

Our East Africa Community is the first regional WILDLABS community. It is the first step in our plan to establish locally led regional communities to connect and support #tech4wildlife practitioners all over the globe. 

And finally, this week I've also spent a lot of time poking around various parts of the #tech4wildlife ecosystem. A few highlights..

This week I'm seeing a lot of questions coming up about career paths in #tech4wildlife. More than usual - which makes me wonder if it's time for us to do a proper series sharing different career paths people have taken into the sector (shout out if you want us to do this?)

EDIT: I'm getting DMs about this, so have started a thread here if you have ideas about us doing a series about career paths. Tell us your ideas here!

If you have advice.. 

  • @soumyabhatta ya is asking how to make the jump from a 30yr IT career into conservation over 3-6 months Conversation here
  • If you're in the bioacoustic world, PhD student @esnyder is planning his next career steps and is curious to hear about realities of different #bioacoustic career paths. I like how he frames his questions quite specifically and I'm curious to see replies, so please jump in. Conversation here
  • The final one is a bit different/interesting - @Joyeeta  is looking for cofounders in a climate/conservation tech company, and brings a background in engineering and experience from raising $15m for his last company and 2 exits. Conversation here

My favourite ongoing convo this week is this discussion about solutions for tracking goats on a remote mountainous island. So much good advice and real experience being shared in it.

My favourite open question. We're seeing that most straight foward #tech4wildlife questions are being answered pretty quickly by our community, but if you're into #drones, @LindyClydeKnowlesasked one yesterday that still open but should be a simple answer if you have a moment.  He's looking for advice about open source photogrammetry software options

Finally, my fav article this week was from the team at Fieldkit about the impacts of the chip shortage on conservation tech - we've been hearing a lot of chat about this from our community, so the article and the subsquent comments on twitter etc have been interesting. 

Right, I think that's a wrap from me. Our digest will hit inboxes in the next few hours so I'll drop a link to it as a final tweet to wrap this thread then. In the meantime - how's your week going? Would love to hear/see updates!


This has been a really exciting week for me! A lot of cool stuff happening in the WILDLABS East Africa Community. Well, first of all we launched the community and I am happy to see all the interactions happening there. If you are based in East Africa- have you joined the Community? If not, then, head on over here; introduce yourself, take time to explore the resources we have and engage in the discussions- I am looking forward to your inputs on ongoing discussions e,g:

  •  If you are using EarthRanger, I'd love to hear all about your interactions with the tool here.
  • What are some of the Conservation Technology gaps in East Africa? Share your insights here.

Then, I also had a hand in reporting on the first workshop of our Inaugural Women in Conservation Technology Programme; this was a great reminisce of the week we had with the cohort and I'm really excited for what lies ahead and to also witness the impacts of capacity building and mentorship on emerging conservation leaders. If you haven't already, you can catch up with all the updates in this article, and in our socials (Twitter and LinkedIn), as Steph has mentioned. 

Aside from that, I came across a couple of interesting projects and work, that we will definitely highlight in the community. It was a great week and I'm looking forward to continue on with learning, interacting, exploring and highlighting more on conservation technology!


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Looking for examples of cities using digital sustainability tools

(I posted this in another community as well; I hope that's not against guidelines.) Hi all, I'm looking for cities that aggregate envrironmental data from open...

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I't note sure this meets your needs, but you may find this method of interest:




Hi Courtney, 

Over on Twitter your question has had a useful reply from CodeforPDX:


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Science Director, Vulcan

Are you passionate about making a meaningful impact on our community? Seattle-based Vulcan is looking to hire a science leader to support its work advising the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

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community announcement

Getting Started in the WILDLABS Community

Welcome to WILDLABS! Our new platform is full of ways to engage with our global conservation technology community and connect you to members, resources, opportunities, events, and more. Read on to learn about how you...

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Apply to the 2022 GOSH Gathering in Panamá!

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) community is excited to announce that applications to attend the 2022 GOSH Gathering are now open! The Gathering will be held at...

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There are only a few days left to apply to the 2022 Gathering for Open Science Hardware! Join a community of scientists, hardware developers, artists, and activists working together on open hardware for science!

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