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Are you attending SMART Global Congress 2024?

Hi everybody!Are you attending SMART Global Congress 2024 in early March?I will be in Namibia for the entire duration of the congress, representing WILDLABS, and would be very...

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yes indeed!

I'm  doing a talk about Audiomoths, Arbimon and Birdnet on Tuesday afternoon;  certainly up for helping get exposure (and learning a ton) about the spectrum of Wildlabs stuff going on.

Maybe I'll dig out my RPi device too.


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SMART Global Congress 2024

The first SMART World Congress will be the first global gathering of conservation professionals using SMART, the world's most widely used protected area management solution. 

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Senior Software Engineer, Skylight

Join the mission to help tackle IUU fishing with cutting-edge tech! The Allan Institute for AI is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to accelerate efforts to make sure those working to restore our ocean have the tools...

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Technical Field Officer

Arribada is seeking a motivated Technical Research Officer to manage and co-ordinate the regular deployment, configuration and testing of conservation technologies developed for Operation Pangolin in Cameroon and Gabon.

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Welcome to WILDLABS!

Hello and welcome to the WILDLABS community! With 6,000 members and counting, we want to get to know you a little better. In a couple of...

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Hey Maggie - sounds like fun! If you're interested in incorporating Argos satellite transmitting functionality into the tags you develop, reach out. We have an internal grant program that would provide you with the satellite transmitter boards so that you can easily integrate them. 

Happy croc wrangling :) 

Hey everyone! My name is Alex Rood (she/her) and I'm the new Communications/Community Manager Associate Specialist at WILDLABS! I can't wait to start getting to know our members, developing exciting events, communicating success stories, and learning how I can best support you. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to just to say hello!

Hello everyone!

Excited to join the WILDLABS community! I’m working with @mariahmeek to develop iCatch, a technology that combines AI and genomics to support point-of-need species identification. iCatch allows species identity to be verified in the field using a smartphone and rapid test kits—providing real-time information without sending samples to a lab. We are excited to work with partners to apply iCatch to fisheries and wildlife applications, including monitoring, traceability, and enforcement. We’d love to connect with members and learn about additional applications to meet specific user needs. Please feel free to reach out, we're always happy to chat!

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WILDLABS Awards - Ask your questions!

AboutWith $60,000, $30,000, and $10,000 grants available for 14 outstanding projects, the support of engineering and technology talent from Arm (the leading semiconductor design...

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Hello everyone,

We appreciate your patience and apologise for the slight delays, which are attributed to the volume and quality of the applications.

Next week, we will be reaching out to the awardees, followed by a public announcement once all recipients have responded positively to the legal and financial requirements.


Good question, I'd like to know the answer as well.  I'm inclined to think that it does mean what you say, but I could be wrong and it's still a couple of weeks away till March :)

To clarify. The answer could affect plans I have for the short term. However,  I can also understand a decision that wants to hold the tension right up to the announcement 😀 For myself I’d guess that it’s 99.9999% likely that it’s like you say. I really couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

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WILDLABS Awards 2024 - Statistics

At 23:55 yesterday, the application window for WILDLABS 2024 came to a close. First, I would like to thank the 191 applicants and everyone who played a role in spreading the...

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Gender representation in WILDLABS Awards 2024

@alexrood and I dived into WILDLABS Awards data to study women representation. 

Here are the results and some of them are really compelling:

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Gender Representation in the WILDLABS Awards 2024 Submissions

Alex Rood
Data from the WILDLABS Awards 2024 submissions confirms what our State of Conservation Tech survey unveiled: women are an underrepresented group in conservation tech. 

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Interesting. The disparity at times crops from culture and this has a history especially in Africa. But all hope is not lost. Previously technical courses lacked female students....
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Passionate engineer offering funding and tech solutions pro-bono.

My name is Krasi Georgiev and I run an initiative focused on providing funding and tech solutions for stories with a real-world impact. The main reason is that I am passionate...

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Hi Krasi! Greetings from Brazil!

That's a cool journey you've started! Congratulations. And I felt like theSearchLife resonates with the work I'm involved round here. In a nutshell, I live at the heart of the largest remaining of Atlantic forest in the planet - one of the most biodiverse biomes that exist. The subregion where I live is named after and bathed by the "Rio Sagrado" (Sacred River), a magnificent water body with a very rich cultural significance to the region (it has served as a safe zone for fleeing slaves). Well, the river and the entire bioregion is currently under the threat of a truly devastating railroad project which, to say the least is planned to cut through over 100 water springs! 

In face of that the local community (myself included) has been mobilizing to raise awareness of the issue and hopefully stop this madness (fueled by strong international forces). One of the ways we've been fighting this is through the seeking of the recognition of the sacred river as an entity of legal rights, who can manifest itself in court, against such threats. And to illustrate what this would look like, I've been developing this AI (LLM) powered avatar for the river, which could maybe serve as its human-relatable voice. An existing prototype of such avatar is available here. It has been fine-tuned with over 20 scientific papers on the Sacred River watershed.

And right now myself and other are mobilizing to manifest the conditions/resources to develop a next version of the avatar, which would include remote sensing capacities so the avatar is directly connected to the river and can possibly write full scientific reports on its physical properties (i.e. water quality) and the surrounding biodiversity. In fact, myself and 3 other members of the WildLabs community have just applied to the WildLabs Grant program in order to accomplish that. Hopefully the results are positive.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that our mobilization around providing an expression medium for the river has been multimodal, including the creation of a shortfilm based on theatrical mobilizations we did during a fest dedicated to the river and its surrounding more-than-human communities. You can check that out here:


Let's chat if any of that catches your interest!


Hi Danilo. you seem very passionate about this initiative which is a good start.
It is an interesting coincidence that I am starting another project for the coral reefs in the Philipines which also requires water analytics so I can probably work on both projects at the same time.

Let's that have a call and discuss, will send you a pm with my contact details

There is a tech glitch and I don't get email notifications from here.

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Let's save our environment

Remote Sensing and Research group at Dedan Kimathi University have come up with this ebook after a project observing the deterioration of part of the aberdare.
I always welcome efforts that involve young learners so that they benefit and participate. Thank you RSRG Team.


Power managment/Recharging System and Communication System

As we know Power managment/Recharging System and Communication System are chalanges for forest, so any one please suggest the Device and Power source to monitor sound in forest...

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Power usage for microcontrollers with solar is  much more manageable. For Raspberry Pi's and higher it gets expensive and big.

I'm quite impressed by the specs from the Goal Zero Yeti devices. This can have high capacity and be charged with Solar. Not small though. And the price is not in proportion to the Pi's.

So this 200x model for example, would be close to 16 days running the audio recorder. Let's say 10. without solar. Add solar? Depends on the size of the panels I guess. Power usage for mobile networking? Depends on how much you transmit.

Probably some well documented experiments would be really nice for people here. Sounds like something nice for the next set of grants :)

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Need advice - image management and tagging 

Hello Wildlabs,Our botany team is using drones to survey vertical cliffs for rare and endangered plants. Its going well and we have been able to locate and map many new...

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I have no familiarity with Lightroom, but the problem you describe seems like a pretty typical data storage and look up issue.  This is the kind of problem that many software engineers deal with on a daily bases.  In almost every circumstance this class of problem is solved using a database.

In fact, a potentially useful analysis is that the Lightroom database is not providing the feature set you need.

It seems likely that you are not looking for a software development project, and setting up you own DB would certainly require some effort, but if this is a serious issue for your work, you hope to scale your work up, or bring many other participants into your project, it might make sense to have an information system that better fits your needs.

There are many different databases out there optimized for different sorts of things.  For this I might suggest taking a look at MongoDB with GridFS for a couple of reasons.

  1. It looks like you meta data is in JSON format.  Many DBs are JSON compatible, but Mongo is JSON native.  It is especially good at storing and retrieving JSON data.  Its JSON search capabilities are excellent and easy to use.  It looks like you could export your data directly from Lightroom into Mongo, so it might be pretty easy actually.
  2. Mongo with the GridFS package is an excellent repository for arbitrarily large image files.
  3. It is straightforward to make a Mongo database accessible via a website.
  4. They are open source (in a manner of speaking) and you can run it for free.

Disclaimer: I used to work for MongoDB.  I don't anymore and I have no vested interest at all, but they make a great product that would really crush this whole class of problem.

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How are Outdoor Fire Detection Systems Adapted for Small Forest Areas, Considering the Predominance of Indoor Fire Detectors?

How are fire detection mechanisms tailored for outdoor environments, particularly in small forest areas, given that most fire and smoke detectors are designed for indoor use?

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Fire detection is a sort of broad idea.  Usually people detect the products of fire, and most often this is smoke.

Many home fire detectors in the US use a radioactive source and measure the absorption of the radiation by the air.  More smoke means more absorption.

For outdoor fire detection, PM2.5 can be a very good smoke proxy, and outdoor PM2.5 sensing is pretty accessible.

This one is very popular in my area. 


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Kenya Forest Club, Central Region – Kenya Forest Club

It has been an exciting challenge as a member of Kenya Forest Club whose main aim is solving climate change challenges through early childhood education and training, with a particular interest in forestry.
The club hopes to have members in all schools and setup of tree nurseries


Happy New Year WILDLabbers! What are you looking forward to in 2024?

Happy New Year to all WILDLabbers!!! I hope you had a fun and restful holiday season and are excited for the new year ahead. Looking back, 2023 was quite an eventful and action-...

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Apply to Beta test Instant Detect 2.0

Hi WildLabs,ZSL is looking for Beta testers for Instant Detect 2.0. If you are a conservationist, scientist or wildlife ranger with experience working with innovative...

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Will you accept personal/hobbyist focused on conservation on their small plots of land (10-100 acres)?

I would, and know others, who would happily pay more than the official conservationists rate for the service, which could help to further subsidize the project. (Referring to your statement here:

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Seeking Host Organisations for Travel Scholarship Application

Hi all,I'm Eva, a final year undergraduate studying Joint Honours Biology and Geography at the University of St Andrews.  I've recently joined the WildLabs community in...

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Hi Eva, 

Me and my colleagues run a small NGO based on Yogyakarta in Indonesia, although our projects are spread around the country. One of our active project is working with the movement ecology of Sunda gharials in Berbak-Sembilang National Park. One of the other is for Malayan Giant Turtle conservation using one-plan approach, which we are planning to start in situ phase. We can't give you promise about anything, but are able to be the host organization and would love to talk the opportunity!



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