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Looking for a place to discuss camera trap troubleshooting, compare models, collaborate with members working with other technologies like machine learning and bioacoustics, or share and exchange data from your camera trap research? Get involved in our Camera Traps group! All are welcome whether you are new to camera trapping, have expertise from the field to share, or are curious about how your skill sets can help those working with camera traps. 


Tech Tutors: How do I start a Tech4Wildlife collaboration?

Hi Wildlabbers, Ed Miller and Melanie Clapham tackled the...

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One barrier that was discussed in the presentation was the "risk" or uncertainty of a payoff when talking to potential funders. It seems to me that the "risk" factor of collaborations like this, for funders, would be analogous to the investment and payoff when developing a genomics program. Relative to traditional field research, it takes a much greater investment in time, with different expertise, to create a reference genome for a species of interest and then pull SNPs, etc. Nevertheless, funders seem to recognize the potential for genomic research and genomic tools. Do you think that greater openness to “risk” in conservation genomics results from closer intellectual proximity (i.e., molecular biology vs organismal biology), or to conservation genomics being a more mature field (i.e., more examples of success), or to other factors? If intellectual proximity is a key factor, then conservation tech collaborations will continue to face this barrier, but if lack of successful examples are a key factor, then perhaps this barrier will become less of an issue for conservation tech in the future. Thoughts?

Hi. Just watched the Youtube version (I'm in the unable to watch live hemisphere) and wanted to say that was a great talk. I wish it could have gone for another hour. I liked hearing about the issues and concerns from Melanie on the biology/ecology side. Also could totally relate to what Ed was talking about from the tech side about how it's difficult to have long term collaborations since there isn't really a conservation technology career path at the moment. 
I think one of the things we're trying to do with courses like Build Your Own Datalogger is to get people involved in wildlife/conservation side more comfortable with the tech. The goal is to hopefully build a shared repository of technical knowledge that people in the wildlife community can contribute to and benefit from. 


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Open Source Camera Trap

Hi all new to your site so far a lot of good info from what I see. I have multiple trail cameras some cellular some standard but what I would like to build is a long range WiFi...

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Akiba I have used ubiquiti loco m5 to broadcast internet with great success when I was setting up internet for a park for a 10k run I was able to get atleast a mile with no issues with internet 

not discorcuaged just looking  to piggy back off of a local wifi and be able to connect to a diy camera trap and be able to either do live video feed or capture a pic and then with a program I create send it to email or txt message 

the place I am looking at I can get almost a mile in distance but the problem is the power it would have to be some kind of solar power don't want to have to change batteries ever other day 

Something I'm working on that might work well for you and is super affordable at about $30 per camera.

ESP32-cam (not super high quality photos though) with a motion sensor and it sends the photos to a PI Zero W that can be accesses at any time via wifi. I'm using the TPlink portable but have found that WemosD1 boards and upgrading the firmware to be able to do wifi repeaters works well.

Here's the camera I'm using:

I'll make a post on here when the full project is built and I've tested the range. The repeaters use something called mesh networking. You can have a number of them in a row to get the camera out into the forest. Or if you have lign of sight you can use a signal booster and or a directional antenna.

Thanks Ryan would like to hear more about this, the project look awesome what distance are you getting from your wifi router 

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Wireless Camera for Live Viewing

Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd share a project I'm working on for a cheap remote camera system. The range is short but it connects to a cell phone without needing to...

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Look forward to playing with it when mine arrives I have  a sd card arduino module also not finding much documentation on how to hook it up so was going to play with a server and see what I can do with it and photos 

Nice! I'm building an esp32-cam with a Pi Zero server and I have the photos sending to it now. The last step is to build a housing for it and get it outside to capture some photos of the bears coming out of hibernation. Should be fun! I'm hoping to download photos from the camera over 1km away from my house, while sipping tea haha.

I have a raspberry pi3 setup now as a video streaming server so I can keep a eye on my home while I am at work 

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Making the Most of Tech Tutors Season 2!

WILDLABS is celebrating its five year anniversary! Throughout the rest of 2020, we'll be sharing articles, community features, and case studies showcasing the incredible projects, collaborations, and successes that this...

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Snapshot USA Symposium for Student Research

Roland Kays
Are you a student using Snapshot USA data in research and class projects? Present your work (and Mammal Memes) at the Snapshot USA Student Research Symposium! Taking place on November 13th from 1-3 PM EST, this is your...

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Recommendations needed: software for collating camera trap images

Just looking for recommendations for collating camera trap images. We will be retrieving 30 cameras in coming weeks and would like to use a program to upload the SD cards directly...

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Hi there!  Have you considered ? 

It's designed to help field researchers upload and verify their camera trap images quickly using AI. 

It's still at an early stage but at the very least will help you sort through empty images quickly and tag your photos systematically for future AI support.  If you're keen and would like some guidance you can message me directly and I'm happy to help get you connected.  I'm not part of the WI team, but I work alongside folks who do.




The MegaDetector may be of use to you. @sarabeery would be a good resource!

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