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Looking for a place to discuss camera trap troubleshooting, compare models, collaborate with members working with other technologies like machine learning and bioacoustics, or share and exchange data from your camera trap research? Get involved in our Camera Traps group! All are welcome whether you are new to camera trapping, have expertise from the field to share, or are curious about how your skill sets can help those working with camera traps. 


Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge Accelerator Bootcamp

Sophie Maxwell
Earlier this month, the 16 prize winners of the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge were called to Washington D.C. for an Accelerator Boot Camp. Sophie Maxwell, a member of the prize winning team from the Zoological Society...

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Project Feedback Wanted: Building Low Cost Cameras

We have been facing some problems for Cameras either for monitoring nests or for quick deployment for medical or behavioral reasons. We need them to be low cost and easy to use...

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thanks for this very interesting post! i was also trying to develop an inexpensive camera trap but with not good results. i think the use of a PIR sensor can give more battery life than motion detection via software. Can you give more details about the components you used please?


Hi Sorry been away, I'll list more about parts etc.. In the mean time the Pi Zero has just had an upgrade..

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TEAM Network and Wildlife Insights

Eric Fegraus
Operating the largest tropical forest camera trap network globally, TEAM Network has accumulated over 2.6 million images. How can large datasets coupled with new techniques for data management and analysis provide...

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