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Real-time tracking of animal movements is enabling more effective and efficient wildlife monitoring for management, security, and research. As devices get smaller and prices drop, the possibilities for using biologging on a larger scale have grown, and so have the possibilities for increasing customisation to meet specific research needs. Likewise, real-time tracking of illegal wildlife trade, timber, and fish products as they move from source to consumer can shed light on trafficking routes and actors, as well as support enforcement, making tracking gear a powerful tool beyond the field.


Comparing Geolocator and High-Precision GPS Data

Eldar Rakhimberdiev
Few recent technologies have been embraced by the ornithological community as rapidly as solar geolocation tracking devices. Although the first and rather large ‘geolocators’ became available more than two decades ago,...

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GPS carrying vultures are being used to detect illegal dumps in Peru

Fascinating story here about using GPS equipped vultures to find...

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The police have tried to use New World Vultures to find dead bodies in Europe. The success was some what limited but not the fault of the birds.

This does open up a whole area of questions about the use of birds and some of the Unforeseen consequences. The latest amazingly stupid idea of using Eagles to bring down drones that was/is being considered by the British police after the Dutch police showed a video of a Juvenile Bald Eagle doing the same. The vultures that are now being deliberately killed in Africa because naturally they are giving away the location of a poached elephant or Rhino. The poor Griffon Vultures that keep being arrested as spies in the middle east as they have rings that have come from Israel on there legs.

There are quite often side effects to these uses of birds that are unforeseen at the out set but usually end up cost the animal involved. 


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Help needed engineering solar/battery system for tracking collar

Greetings, I have a couple of colleagues who is working on a next generation tracking collar for painted dogs and elephant seals. The electronics are all designed, but...

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This sounds very relevant. I'll pass along to my colleagues.  Thanks for sharing, @jprobert and @mygshah !

@Dave any updates on this project?

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