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Real-time tracking of animal movements is enabling more effective and efficient wildlife monitoring for management, security, and research. As devices get smaller and prices drop, the possibilities for using biologging on a larger scale have grown, and so have the possibilities for increasing customisation to meet specific research needs. Likewise, real-time tracking of illegal wildlife trade, timber, and fish products as they move from source to consumer can shed light on trafficking routes and actors, as well as support enforcement, making tracking gear a powerful tool beyond the field.


The WILDLABS Variety Hour: August

The WILDLABS Variety Hour is your monthly connection to the exciting projects, research, and ideas that are happening in conservation tech right now. This month, learn about challenges tracking sharks & rays, hear...

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Sydney seals: From Manly to Malabar, marine life sprawls across a city

This came to me by way of my dad over the weekend, but it's is full of familiar names and has started popping up from other places in the conservation tech network. It's a gorgeous visual story via The Sydney Morning Herald, telling the tail of the return of fur seals in and around Sydney. It highlights PhD student Vanessa Morris' PhD research and the citizen science program Vanessa Pirotta created called Wild Sydney Harbour (


SnapperGPS device giveaway

Hi all,There's a rare opportunity to acquire free (only postage and packaging is payable) GPS biologging hardware to trial the new SnapperGPS board developed by two PhD students...

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Firetail - Tutorial Series 22.3 - An introduction to Firetail - Update 2022

Glad to announce I just replaced the Firetail introductory tutorial with a 2022 revision centered around Firetail 9:

- general concepts
- Movebank data handling
- Map Viewport
- Studies handling
- Annotation overview
- AI-based segmentation overview (FireSOM)

and quite a bit more to get you an idea what is possible with the new version.



Ceres Tag sends just in time alerts and GPS location to have the power to track and trace.

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