Funding Opportunity /  21 September 2023

Ecosystems Conservation: Action with CSOS/NGOS - EXPRO+

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Deadline: 21 September 2023 - the deadline has passed.

Ecosystems Conservation: Action with CSOS/NGOS - EXPRO+

In the framework of the Earth Observation Applications projects, this activity specifically responds to the open consultation process with Civil Society Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations (CSOs/NGOs) on Conservation and Restoration that ESA carried out in 2022, and it is linked to a number of key international and European policies: the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), the EU Biodiversity strategy for 2030 and the proposal of a new EU Nature Restoration Law. 

The activity has the overall aim of developing a set of harmonised procedures with respect to high-priority Conservation and Restoration processes. ESA has already involved WWF Italia and IUCN in this activity. The project will require the direct pro-active involvement of additional CSOs/NGOs whose field of expertise, interest and tangible actions strongly relate to Conservation and Restoration of Ecosystems. 

The objective of the project is to establish the integration of EO assets into operational practices accepted by the community for already existing protected areas and nature-positive solutions, for the monitoring of effective management ofthese. The project will also address the integration of EO assets within the process of sites suitability identified specifically in response to GBF Target 3 "30x30". Ancillary non-EO data and ecosystem modelling for validation purposes will be essential. The project will also have a strong capacity building element and will aim at scaling-up the procedures for the benefit of the larger community and various relevant operators in the field, ensuring discussion amongst expert groups. This activity is considered in theseries of the Applications PEOPLE (Pioneering EO apPLications for the Environment) projects.

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