Funding Opportunity /  31 August 2022

Conservation Tech Award: Apply For Two $15K Grants

EarthRanger wants to support and expand your work. Apply by August 31!

Deadline: 31 August 2022 - days

Hi conservation friends!

EarthRanger is providing two (2) grants, each in the amount of $15,000 USD, to organizations and protected areas that are deploying or developing technology to make a positive impact in conservation management, including but not limited to, the security of endangered animals, animal behavioral research, anti-poaching enforcement, ecological management, and human-wildlife coexistence:

  • Technology Adopter Grant: this grant is for an organization that is adopting technology in new or novel ways for conservation management.
  • Technology Practitioner Grant:  this grant is for an organization that is developing technology (e.g., software, applications, AI models/algorithms, hardware) to advance conservation management.

Both EarthRanger users and non-users are welcome to apply for either grant. There is no requirement or advantage for either grant based on an organization’s user status.

Apply here