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Competition: Plastic Data Challenge

Are you ready for the Plastic Data Challenge? This global contest wants your innovative ideas for improving the plastic waste management and recycling chain in South and Southeast Asia. Participants can consider incorporating technology like mobile apps, sensors, machine learning and AI recognition software, and more into their solutions. This competition presents a unique opportunity to the winner: in addition to a cash prize and a chance to meet leading experts at the Innovation Summit, you will also have the chance to pilot your new data innovation in the real world. 

The Plastics Data Challenge is a global innovation challenge that will source, support, and scale innovative solutions that address the leakage of plastic waste into the environment.

The challenge invites all innovators worldwide (including academic institutions, startups, companies, and data scientists) to submit their innovative data solutions that advance plastic waste management and the circular economy in South and Southeast Asia. Participants have the chance to win $10,000 USD, a trip to Singapore for a one-week Innovation Summit with leading experts, technical support customised to their needs, and the opportunity to pilot their innovation in the region! 

Applications close 13 March 2020.

To enter, visit the Plastic Data Challenge website.

From agriculture, energy, and insurance to public health and even human trafficking, data technologies are the foundation to develop models that help manage complex systems and drive transformational change. By leveraging such solutions to fill the data gap, The Plastics Data Challenge will catalyze the growth of a new sector of technology that will play a crucial role in reducing mismanaged plastic waste while adding more transparency, predictability, and profit to the circular economy. 
Our goal is to source, support, and scale innovative solutions and working prototypes that leverage data to understand and address the leakage of plastic waste into the environment and to facilitate their entry into markets across South and Southeast Asia. 

Challenge Areas

Participants may enter in the following three themes:

Improved Visibility of Plastic Waste Generation and Material Flows

Improve the understanding, awareness, and forecasting of plastic waste generation and material flows across South and Southeast Asia.

 Optimization of Circular Supply Chains for Plastics

Improve the visibility, efficiency, and value creation across circular supply chains for plastics in South and Southeast Asia.

Identification & Prevention of Plastic Waste Leakage

Identify and prevent the leakage of plastic waste into waterways across South and Southeast Asia.

Particants can view the full Plastic Data Challenge Handbook for full details on each challenge area, including context, judging criteria, and example solutions to consider.

Contact [email protected] with any questions.