Event /  4 May 2023

Webinar: Sounds from the Dark Side

Monitoring Nocturnal Birds Using Bioacoustics

Online Event
4 May 2023 - this event is in the past.
10:00 am ~ 12:00 pm America/New_York

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... 

(Actually, right now, right here on planet Earth.)

Declining in numbers from the pressures of climate change, habitat loss, fragmentation, and more, nocturnal birds are fighting the good fight. And researchers are joining in. Using the Force (ahem, bioacoustics) for good, scientists are monitoring every hoot, bark, scream, and whistle to ensure their conservation. How are they doing it? Find out at our FREE webinar on May 4th!

Featuring . . . 
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Northern Spotted Owls: This Is the Way
  • Acoustic Monitoring to Detect Barn Owls in an Area of Range Expansion
  • How to Stay Lazy: Surveying Nocturnal Birds While Staying in Bed
Our Jedi Knights

Dr. Carlos Abrahams, Director of Bioacoustics

Dr. Carlos Abrahams, BSc, PgC, MSc, MCIEEM

Director of Bioacoustics 
Baker Consultants
Matlock, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Damon B. Lesmeister, PhD, UFSF

Damon B. Lesmeister, PhD

Research Wildlife Biologist
USFS | Pacific Northwest Research Station
Oregon State University | Bioacoustics Lab
Corvallis, OR, United States

Karla Bloem, International Owl Center

Karla Bloem

Founder & Executive Director 
The International Owl Center
Houston, MN, United States

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