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How do I choose the right camera trap(s) based on interests, goals, and species?

In our Tech Tutors Season Three premiere, Marcella Kelly answered the question, "How do I choose the right camera trap(s) based on interests, goals, and species?"  Watch the full episode below and on our Youtube channel, and find episode resources (including slides to download) below.

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Meet Your Tutor: Dr. Marcella Kelly

Dr. Marcella Kelly started camera trapping in 2000, back when cameras were all film based. She and her colleagues pioneered camera trapping for estimating jaguar density. She expanded camera trapping studies for other carnivores including tigers and other cats in Sumatra and Nepal, fosa and civets in Madagascar, lions in Senegal, a suite of carnivores in Botswana and the US, to name a few.

Broadly, Dr. Kelly is interested in co-existence ecology of large predators and ways to use new technology to gain new information on species that are difficult to study. Read more about Dr. Kelly's work here. 

We asked Dr. Marcella Kelly...

What will I learn in this episode? 

What are camera traps mainly used for and for what types of species. What are the types/brands of camera traps on the market. What are best practices for setting up remote cameras.

How can I learn more about making the right camera trap choices?

There are multiple websites that can help with this decision. But this decision will ultimately depend on what the purpose is of your study. Are you a hobbyist interested in obtaining nice wildlife photos? Are you are researcher looking to set up a new study? Do you want to just gain some information about what is in your backyard? The answers to these types of questions will dictate the types of cameras most useful for you.

These websites might be helpful for informing your decisions:

If I want to take the next step with choosing camera trap tools, what is the first thing I should consider?

  • What are your goals?
  • What is your budget?
  • What types of species are you interested in?
  • Do you need to secure cameras due to the potential for theft or animal damage (e.g. bears love to destroy cameras!).
  • How often can you visit the cameras to replace batteries and SD cards or check for proper functioning?


Keeping these important factors in mind when considering the right camera trap models will help you select tools best suited to your needs.

What advice do you have for a complete beginner in this subject (someone who is choosing their first camera trap hardware or software)? 

There are plenty of inexpensive brands out there to get started with. I’d probably start with one of these and play around with it. It is super fun and always great to get the photos back! It is surprising how much wildlife we don’t see out there.

Ready to learn with Dr. Marcella Kelly? Watch Marcella's full episode here on Youtube.

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