Event /  15 Mar 2023

Global Biodiversity Data & Analytics Virtual Roundtable

The World Bank is hosting an event to help shape a new Global Biodiversity Data & Analytics initiative supported by the GEF. This work expects to showcase available biodiversity datasets, cloud analytics, innovative interactive visualizations, explore relevant emerging technologies, and interactive case studies. This virtual roundtable series kickoff introduces the initiative and early products and seeks collaboration with interested partners to improve the use of these approaches for biodiversity protection and biodiversity-related environmental due-diligence of investments.

Online Event
15 Mar 2023 - this event is in the past.
10:00 am ~ 11:30 am America/New_York

Global Biodiversity Data & Analytics Virtual Roundtable

Global Biodiversity Data & Analytics initiative:
The World Bank is supporting the new global biodiversity framework with a Global Biodiversity Data and Analytics Services initiative supported by a GEF Medium-Sized Project that has recently been initiated to facilitate access and use of global biodiversity data and analytics services. This initiative seeks to help improve awareness, enhancement and use of available free/public-domain biodiversity and related data and analytics to support biodiversity conservation and environmental due-diligence efforts. It will help leverage emerging new data on additional species including aquatic, invertebrate, plants, etc. and help rethink issues such as endemicity, small-range, and biodiversity in disputed areas and transboundary basins.
A range of powerful interactive visualizations, platforms, and knowledge products leveraging new technologies will be created to help generate insights and explore case studies related to biodiversity and related threats and opportunities from the perspective of climate, technology, gender, and other development sectors. It will also seek to explore and showcase the work of partner institutions around the world on these aspects.

This roundtable is proposed to be part of a regular series of twice-yearly interactions to provide updates on this work and to showcase relevant activities from other partners who are involved with leading the development of new data, technologies, knowledge products, and platforms on global biodiversity data and analytics.
As part of this short virtual kickoff meeting, we will introduce the initiative and some exciting initial draft products for input from participants who will be drawn from a range of relevant stakeholders involved with global biodiversity data and analytics. We will also discuss suggestions for the formats for the subsequent Roundtable meetings and ideas for making these informative, innovative, and useful to all participating institutions, as well as other larger public events.

Introduction to Initiative and Illustration of Evolving Approaches
• Welcome Remarks (World Bank and GEF)
• Introduction to Global Data & Analytics Initiative
• Emerging public-domain interactive products
• Stakeholder perspectives
• Suggestions for Roundtable Series/Events


For the registration link , please email Hasita at [email protected] with your name, title and organization. 

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