Event /  30 Mar 2023

Building a strong data foundation to measure impact for Nature-based Solutions

In this NatureMetrics hosted webinar, you can expect a deep dive into the importance of biodiversity data and the power of eDNA in ensuring standardised, verifiable, and robust data.

Online Event
30 Mar 2023
12:00 pm ~ 1:00 pm

This event is in the past.
Join the discussion that puts nature measurement at the heart of reporting on carbon and biodiversity markets

As the conversation around the value and impact of nature-based solutions intensifies, join us for a deep dive into why building a strong data foundation is so essential, and the best methods to deploy to ensure impact can be effectively measured.

Led by Stefanie Kaiser, head of Nature-based Solutions at NatureMetrics, along with special guests; Arnout Asjes, CTO of Land Life Company and Dr Robin Whytock, CEO & Head of Science at Okala, who will be talking through their eDNA projects with NatureMetrics.

Okala, based out of Gabon and Scotland, designs and deploys technologies based on peer-reviewed science to scale-up biodiversity monitoring in the tropics. In combination with sensor technologies like wildlife cameras and bioacoustics, eDNA approaches are helping them to rapidly and systematically understand biodiversity – from microbes to mammals – in tropical landscapes that can cover millions of hectares.

By utilizing promising techniques to assess biodiversity, Land Life Company is paving the way towards funding projects focusing on rebuilding resilient ecosystems and becoming front runners in applying biodiversity metrics to reforestation. Land Life’s pilot with NatureMetrics has shown the power of a robust, practical, scalable, and comprehensive method to detect their impact on biodiversity.

This webinar will explore the following topics:

  • Defining the role of biodiversity metrics: balancing ecological meaning, scientific robustness, and market feasibility
  • The power of eDNA for ensuring standardized, verifiable, and robust data across the tree of life, from terrestrial animals to soil biodiversity
  • Practical guidance for implementing eDNA projects in restoration tracking, conservation, and NbS projects, with proven examples and guest speakers
  • Live Q&A session with our experts

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