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Black Mammalogists Week

Celebrate Black Mammalogists Week this September! Taking place from September 13th - 19th, this American Society of Mammalogists-partnered event will showcase exciting contributions from Black scientists across the field of Mammalogy, provide opportunities for current and aspiring Black mammalogists to connect, and shine a light on the experience of working as a Black mammalogist! The WILDLABS #tech4wildlife community will be especially interested in Techniques Tuesday, taking place September 15th, which will feature Black mammalogists working with camera traps, drones, and more.  Visit the Black Mammalogists Week website and follow them on Twitter for news on this event. We'll also be featuring more from the Black Mammalogists Week organizers here on WILDLABS in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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(art by Sean Vidal Edgerton @penandpangolin)

What is the purpose of Black Mammalogists Week?

To provide opportunities for current and aspiring Black mammalogists across the Diaspora to form conscious, fruitful connections, in addition to illuminating historical and present-day Black contributions to the field of Mammalogy.

In our ideal future, young Black people of all backgrounds will realize that they are not only welcome, but needed and vital, to the future of this field.

The Schedule:

09/14/2020: Misunderstood Mammal Monday

Coyotes. Rats. Hyenas. Due to misrepresentation, there are a number of mammals that are seen as dirty, evil, dumb, or just altogether bad. Misunderstood Mammal Monday seeks to dispel the myths surrounding these awesome species and show a different side of a number of reviled mammals through a panel and kid-friendly science communication!

09/15/2020: Techniques Tuesday

Due to their elusiveness, mammals are some of the harder animals to study. The goal of Technique Tuesday is to show the number of ways that Black mammalogists use to study our favorite species. From snot-collecting drones to cameras to Sherman traps, you'll see it all!

09/16/2020: We Out Here Wednesday!

Despite appearances, yes, we are out here! We Out Here Wednesday is focused on connecting current and aspiring Black mammalogists with each other through an online networking event, as well as celebrating everyday Black hobbyists and mammal lovers.

09/17/2020: Threatened Mammal Thursday

Lions, tigers, and (polar) bears, oh my! Threatened Mammal Thursday and the Threatened Mammal panel will focus entirely on endangered, vulnerable, and rare mammals, what kind of threats they face, and how we can best conserve them, particularly in the face of climate change and Covid-19.

09/18/2020: Forage Friday

Hunting while Black, in North America or in other parts of the world, is not the same as hunting while white. Forage Friday will look into historical and current day experiences of Black hunters, culminating in a panel that seeks to illuminate the varying experiences of using wildlife while in Black skin.

09/19/2020: Sea Mammal Saturday

We may live on land, but some of the coolest mammals are aquatic! Sea Mammal Saturday will put the spotlight on the Black mammalogists who study species that have forsaken the terrestrial life and decided to return to the water.

Watch the Black Mammalogists Week website for upcoming details on the detail, and to find out how you can get involved!

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