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Have you considered creating a Kaggle competition? If you already have lots of images, and some that have been labelled, then this could be a good way to get people working on a...
AI for Conservation, Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects, Camera Traps 3 months 4 weeks ago
During a volunteer project, I ran into some stupefying experiences with camera traps, one of those 'corner stones', it seems, of nature conservation research. Everybody who...
Community Base 3 months 4 weeks ago
@Andrew_Hill I wonder if you could let us know more about the time keeping difference btw the regular AudioMoth and the HydroMoth (which is said to do better)?
Acoustic Monitoring, Marine Conservation 4 months ago
It is! Here you go: 
eDNA & Genomics 4 months ago
The Bioacoustics Stack Exchange has now made it past the private beta stage and onto public beta as of July 26! This means that the site...
Acoustic Monitoring 4 months ago
HI benard sorry am replying late,and yes i the data was exported as shapefile 2.i used same projection which is 37N WGS 84 on both apps and still the exported shape file...
Remote Sensing & GIS, East Africa Community 4 months ago
Hi all!Last week we introduced you to our first WILDBEAR Awardee, Alyssa Bohart. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Alyssa's work with...
Biologging, Community Base 4 months ago
Hi all doing some spring cleaning. Just pay shipping.I have: -20 new Taoglas FXUB63 Ultra Wide Band Antenna 698-3000MHz we don't need.          ...
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Community Base 4 months ago
Hi @RLong ! I work with @shahselbe 's team at FieldKit--our stations have been successful and are available, with the caveat that due to the continued supply chain issues we've...
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Sensors 4 months ago
More info, the exact protocols & instructions to sign up here: https://app.wildlifeinsights.org/initiatives/2000166/Snapshot-Europe...
Camera Traps 4 months 1 week ago
Hi David.We're interacting with a lot of conservation organizations, more in the area of environmental monitoring/restoration than wildlife. However in regards to you're questions...
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Community Base, Early Career 4 months 1 week ago
100%! Also heard many asking about SMART Connect & Mobile, and their integration with other software.Thank you for your input :)
Community Base, East Africa Community 4 months 1 week ago