discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 29 July 2022

Your HydroMoth experience!

Hi everyone,
we just got our first dedicated #hydromoth in the post box. Anyone else about to start their bioacoustic journey? I would love to share our experiences, settings and failures. Show us your freshwater hydromoth sites! What are your target species or ecological indices? Can´t wait to read about your story.
Greetings from the pretty dry Danube Floodplain

This is Robin, and I sink my mic.



Thanks for the little push on twitter ;-)

I willl be using the #hydromoth in the Austrian Danube freshwater ecosystem.
The Donau-Auen National Park preserves the last great floodplain landscape in Central Europe, between the cities of Vienna and Bratislava. I´m working with colleagues combining sounds and eDNA on fish and European pond turtles. I´m also testing the Pond Acoustic Sampling Scheme by @CarlosAbrahams et al.

Now what about your species of interest?