discussion / Biologging  / 22 September 2022

Workshop Invite: Building Partnerships between Conservation Tech and the UK Space Sector

Hi everyone, 
In collaboration with our partners over at the Satellite Applications Catapult, we are hosting an in person workshop to build strategic partnerships for conservation technology and the space sector in the UK. A lot of work has gone into planning this workshop and on the day we'll be guided by the superb faciltiators in the sat cat team - I'm really excited about what we have planned! Through the planned activities, we will connect, share perspectives and ideas, and forge new and stronger collaborations for developing novel conservation technology in the UK. Through the day we aim to:

  1. Better understand where the gaps are in conservation technology and where opportunity for (space) tech development exist, and
  2. Build proposals for projects to collaborate on.

We're hoping to bring together a diverse group of 30 people working in the conservation and tech space. That includes conservation practitioners, academica, policy makers, tech solution developers and more. 

Is this you? 

If you're in the UK, you're keen to make new connections and lay the groundwork for future partnerships and this workshop sounds the sort of thing you'd be excited to be join - please get in touch! Reply below, DM me here or email at [email protected] 






Hi Steph,

If it's not too late, I'm very interested in this workshop.