discussion / Community Base  / 2 December 2015

wildtech.mongabay.com is a great resource

I just wanted to plug Monga Bay's WildTech area of their site. It's a great resource for information highly relevant to the topics in this forum. Just today there was a really insightful interview with Ian Douglas Hamilton from Save the Elephants in Kenya and his pragmantic views on technology and how it can help conservation.

Some highlights from the article:

  • We shared this ​[elephant GPS tracking] ​technology with Lewa Conservancy, who probably have the most advanced anti-poaching operation in Africa​..​. They love it.
  • Technology should just be an adjunct, a help. It should not be driving.
  • Can you see this system replicating anywhere else?     
  • The Elephants & Bees project is going well​... The fences successfully repel elephants 80 percent