discussion / Community Base  / 5 September 2019

WILDLABS Virtual Meetup Series – Season 3

It's that time again Wildlabbers!

After another great season of the Virtual Meetup Series this past spring thanks to your engagement, we're excited to start planning Season 3 to take place over the coming months. This season, we're keen to explore the overarching theme of noninvasive monitoring technologies, really digging into the development and implementation of these ever-developing approaches. We're thinking along the lines of the following topics:

  • Camera trapping
  • eDNA
  • Drones

What do you think? Do these topics resonate, or is there a different topic you’d like to see covered? Are there speakers or projects you’d like us to invite along so you can learn more about their work?

Please comment below or message us with your ideas for this round (@TaliaSpeaker  or @StephODonnell) so that we can do our best to address your interests. Feedback on previous seasons and recommendations for improving the series overall are also always welcome.