discussion / Community Base  / 19 February 2019

WILDLABS Virtual Meetup Series – Season 2!

First of all, we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the first season of the WILDLABS Virtual Meetup Series. The remarkable levels of engagement and enthusiasm at each event demonstrated the need for these discussions, which is why we are happy to announce that a second season is on its way. This season, we'd like to explore different models for collaboration, the low-cost tools these approaches are producing, and what we can do with the data they’re generating. So, we’re floating around the topic headings:

  • Open-source/low-cost hardware
  • Tools and spaces for collaboration (both online and offline, e.g. APIs and makerspaces)
  • Creative approaches to data-driven storytelling

What do you think? Do these topics resonate, or is there a different topic you’d like to see covered? Are there speakers or projects you’d like us to invite along so you can learn more about their work?

Please comment below or message us with your ideas for this round (@TaliaSpeaker or @StephODonnell) so that we can do our best to address your interests. Feedback on the first season and recommendations for improving the series overall are also welcome.



Brilliant Talia! Wondering if you could include cost-effective monitoring management tools/examples and/or include apps/online tools in addition to APIs/makerspace applications. Are there also small innovation hubs/org's working on tech4wildlife that could be featured in a case-based webinar?

@TaliaSpeaker I'd love to hear more about making connections with engineers and makers to translate our ideas into actual hardware and software. I've been collecting schematics from other researchers for devices I'd like to build myself, but don't know how to get started finding the assistance to actually construct this equipment. It would be great to get a better understanding of how to go from idea to reality from the ecologist's POV!  

Hi. My name is Akiba and I'm a product designer with a focus on open source hardware and electronics. I also taught product manufacturing at universities as well as to local designers. I'd like to volunteer to hold a virtual meetup on the open source/low cost hardware topic since it's an area of expertise for me. I think some potential specific topics could be:

  • The role that manufacturing can play in niche applications like conservation technology
  • A survey of open source hardware platforms
  • Workshop series on using and interfacing sensors and communication devices in various open source hardware platforms
  • How wildlife monitoring technology differs from consumer technology (ie: ruggedized cases, extreme conditions, worrying about real bugs as opposed to software bugs, etc...)

These are just some suggestions. I'm also open to ideas if anyone has them. Also what is the platform the virtual meetups are held on? Is there a specific hardware/software combination like Open Broadcaster Software or Youtube Live?