discussion / Community Base  / 21 April 2021

WILDLABS Looking For Personal Stories of Challenges/Lessons Learned

Hi Wildlabbers,

We're looking for stories from community members about challenges you've faced in your conservation tech work, and about the lessons learned from those challenging experiences. Maybe the lessons you took away from it helped you in another project. Maybe they changed your perspective on some aspect of your work or sparked a new idea. Or maybe you simply learned what not to do the next time around.

We're hoping to hear your stories about challenges with technology that didn't work, unsuccessful deployments, research that didn't result in the data you'd expected or hoped for, failed attempts at working with people on issues like human-wildlife conflict, logistical challenges like funding or access to resources falling through, or any other difficulties that impacted your field projects, tech developments, or research. 

If we're interested in your experience and think the lessons learned could help other members of our community, we may invite you to help us create a case study or be interviewed by the WILDLABS team!

If you'd prefer, you can also email your story to me directly at [email protected].

Thanks very much - we're excited to learn from all of you!


Hi Ellie--

I brought this up in today's Journal Club, but I'm happy to talk about some of my experiences dealing with a whole bunch of different things that have damaged or destroyed microphones in acoustic sensors (weather, curious animals, etc), and what we've tried to do in order to minimize or account for those failures.