discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 15 September 2022

WILDLABS Journal Club

Hi everyone, 

I'm Ana and I'm an MS Biology student in the Philippines. My field of interest is bioacoustics (specifically on bird songs) and I'm so happy to join a platform that shares my passion for wildlife science and conservation!

I was wondering if the WILDLABS journal club would be continued in the near future? I'm excited to discuss published articles/books and hear everyone's thoughts on them. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Have a great day!

Ah Journal club - this was a lot of fun but a little chaotic. We've been wondering if we should bring it back with a slightly different format. ie we all agree on a paper to read before rather than bringing a mix of things to present. What does everyone think? Is anyone else keen? Is there a format you'd suggest we use?