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Which market-available microphones, accelerometers and GIS sensors for dogs / pets ?

I have conducted an MSc thesis in data-science applied on bioacoustics data, and wish to carry on some experiments on my own now, using domestic environment as a lab.

I am looking for devices to record the vocalizations, the position and the movement of the animal.

I am thinking about microphones, GIS trackers and accelerometers. The best is they are small and light enough to be carried without problems by a dog, without bothering or altering the behaviour.

- Should be installed on collars or be carried by the animal without affecting its behaviour
- water-proof or water-resistant (to rain or < 1m pressure would be enough)

1. Microphones

Anyone could suggest brands and types of affordable and market-available of micro-phone recorders for pets (dogs) ?
Dogs acoustic perception is affine to human audible spectrum.


- Recording Sampling rate 67-45,000 Hz (better if 88,000 Hz)
- Rechargeable batteries

2. GIS trackers
Which market-available sensors would you suggest, adapted for the scope?
It is ok low resolution, I don't know which is correct comprosime. Ideally 1m would be enough, but don't know about GIS sensors. Can you share some info and aspects I should take into account ?

3. Accelerometers
Ideally they should be very light so that I can install them or collar or adjust with other non-invasive scaffolding, if the sensor is sold off-the-shelf with no case.

- Must record 3D axes

Which recording rate would you suggest for similar projects? 

Thanks for sharing tips and info !



Hi Luigi!


You should have a look at the μMoth 


 developed by @alex_rogers and others from Open Acoustics Devices:

As an alternative audiologger meant to be animal borne, check out the Audiologger developed by Simon Chamaillé-Jammes @schamaille et al :

This one can also log acceleration and magnetometry! We have recently deployed it on muskoxen in Greenland.

For a GPS tracker, you may want take a look at the SnapperGPS by @JonasBchrt & @alex_rogers :

As an alternative the i-gotU GPS logger may be of interest:

Regarding your question on sampling frq: We have been using 8Hz (and 10 Hz on the Audiologger Acceleration logging) for our slow moving muskoxen. For an animal like a dog, you probably want to sample at somewhat higher frq. This group used 50Hz in a study of arctic fox: 



I am not an acoustics person but train and deploy canines in the field. Are you looking for something that records  sniff rate and patterns?  For GPS I just use a Garmin collar system Altha 100. There is a Conservation Canine group that might be worth asking your question in.