discussion / Emerging Tech  / 30 August 2022

What's on your technology wish list?


I work for a technology development company (Cambridge Consultants) and every academic year our interns run their own projects in small teams to develop a new technology proof of concept. I want to put forward a challenge for them in the conservation tech space, so I wanted to ask this community if you have any ideas along the lines of: 'if someone could invent a system that lets me ... , that would be a game changer'?  

The best projects for us would be ones that need a combination of the physical and digital, something that needs cutting-edge innovation across maybe: Sensing, AI, Wireless comms, Robotics, or even Bioinnovation. 

I know this probably isn't the best way to uncover the big challenges that most need this kind of innovation, but many heads are better than one, so any suggestions are much appreciated :)