discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 27 September 2017

What tech challenges do you have?

I'm the Campaigns Lead at The Developer Society, a not for profit co-op digital agency working on all kinds of digital builds, tech solutions, APIs and data problems, and anything else you can think of with NGOs, charities and activists.

I'd love to hear about any projects you're working on that you think we could get involved with. My team has a huge amount of hardware and software experience and we'd love to supply the tech expertise for your projects, so get in touch. Thanks!

Hello John

This is a very generous offer, thank you.

Camera trapping as a tool for researching animal behaviour and ecology is rapidly spreading and growing, but with the exception of the specialist Pantheracams which only take full colour still shots, the cameras are designed for a recreational market, mainly of deer hunters in cold and temperate areas. Consequently, in research applications, the performance of the cameras is often disappointing, and hugely elaborate statistical modelling is used to overcome their deficiencies.

A research grade camera trap at an affordable price, that can do more than a Pantheracam, would be a great tool.

If you want to focus on one component then the passive infrared triggers need a complete re-work.

Peter Apps