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What have you been working on recently (2020)?

Hi Wildlabbers!

How's everyone doing? Renewing an old thread because I'd love to hear about what you're working on at the moment - what's getting you up in the morning? 

If you've built something, tried out some new tech, written about your work, designed a new prototype, solved a sticky puzzle you've been grappling with, run a survey, created a podcast episode, or anything else in your work, post links or tell us about it. Little wins and big progress - everything goes. 


Hi there, I am using the same tech, I won't tell which!

I am learning (a confession) to be plastic in my attempts to collaborate with biologists to prevent Human - Jaguar clashes, so, I started to develop a Collar, not for the Cats, but for the Cows! Collars for domestic animals is a great idea to me. The basic Idea is to have this collar integrated to the rest of Big Cat Brother (https://www.wildedge.info/bcb-and-dnna) in order to determine if cows are entering dangerous territories, the collar also has gesture detection to know what the cow is doing in order to send the proper alerts. I have many configurations in mind (with and without cams and mics) and it is highly possible that I will make it open source once I extract all the BCB notification scheme, still without it, I think it could be useful.

As this Nov-29th we are cellebrating another internation jaguar day I am update my site and I am quite behind my own milestones!

Lets hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us!



We've been applying new AI techniques for photo ID at Wild Me (wildme.org). Specifically, we have added a new technique called Pose Invariant Embeddings (PIE), which is based on a triplet loss network and seems to be working well across species to identify individuals. From mantas, to humpback whales, to right whales, it seems to be an evolutionary leap in computer vision for identifying individual animals using natural patterning. We're quickly cross-applying to new species to more broadly test its generalization.

I'm coming along on my second acoustic data logger, and I'm interested in making contact with folks with peculiar or odd or unconventional requirements! to possibly work with, and to possibly have as beta testers.

The main features of this recorder are mission flexibility and low cost.  The catch (there's always one!) is there's some hands-on user DIY involved (some through-hole soldering and mechanical assembly).

The kinds of missions I'm currently contemplating are plain ol' scheduled recording, in mono or stereo, and with or without GPS time stamps.  This latter is to enable offline localisation (get the GPS coords) of sound sources when multiple units are used.  The stereo facility may also aid in localisation (it's really about getting the direction to the sound source) and so can help with isolating sound sources (reduce the cocktail party effect).

Future missions depend partly on user feedback!  At the moment I want to add LoRa networking but I'm eager to hear y'all's desiderata.




Dear Carly:

I am just a software engineer; I didn't know anything about 3D design and printing, electronics, soldering, awkful spiders you find where Jaguars live, etc, etc, etc....

Don't be affraid of soldering, I'm ambidextrous, the worst thing that happened to me were some small injuries on my hands, you won't die, go ahead!