discussion / Camera Traps  / 4 July 2023

What does "EK" stand for (as in "100EK113")?

This might be the least important post ever made to this group, but, here we go...

Most folks here are likely familiar with the overflow folders that most camera traps make to limit the number of files appearing in a single folder.  Reconyx cameras call these "100RECNX", "101RECNX", etc., which totally makes sense.  Need to pack something that sounds like "Reconyx" next to a number in a DOS 8.3-style filename?  "100RECNX" does the job.

But Bushnell cameras call these "100EK113", "101EK113".  What is "EK113"?  Why not "100BSHNL"?

I like to think there is one person who worked at Bushnell 30 years ago - Elsa Kramer, Eddie Kite, etc. - who just couldn't resist.

Most trailcam manufacturers use OEM camera designs from factories that cater to many different applications and companies. Most likely, Bushnell didn't design the camera circuitry and write the software, hence what you're seeing is the vanilla software from the reference design created by the image processor manufacturer used by the camera. My guess is the EK stands for "Evaluation Kit" and the design firm that designed the circuitry for the Bushnell trailcam didn't change the software for the file naming.