discussion / Community Base  / 16 June 2023

What DIY and repair resources are you looking for?

Hi all!

If you read our Sustained Effort interview with Rob Appleby this week, you'll hopefully be thinking about how DIY and repairing can help you make sustainable changes in your work! This is one of the most actionable steps that we can take together as a community, but learning to rebuild or repair your own gear vs. buying new equipment can definitely seem intimidating for a lot of us. 

So let's find out what resources and guides would be useful for all of you as you explore DIY options for your tools, and share our favorite tutorials and other learning materials that could help other community members get started.

If you have questions or resource recommendations, drop them right here - and if those needed resources don't exist yet, that's also a great clue that WILDLABS should look into finding or making those resources in the future! 

Can't wait to see what y'all have to share!


I am also super keen to see what peeps are interested in here. Maybe a video tutorial series of attempted fixes (e.g. trail cameras; collars) or teardowns? Various hacks and re-batterying (is that a word) tutes? I am considering putting a few basic vids/tutes toghether if anyone's interested, bearing in mind I'll be flubbing my way through most of them! We can all learn together!

Cheers y'all,