discussion / Community Base  / 16 March 2023

What conservation and tech podcasts are you listening to?

Hey Wildlabbers!

I'm starting to scope out an exciting mystery project (that you can probably make a decent educated guess about based on this thread's title) and I'd like to take the pulse on how folks in the conservation tech community use podcasts to get information.

Do you have any conservation or tech-related podcasts that you're a fan of? 

If so! Please plug your recommendations here, and let us know how and when you listen to them as well - on your way to work? while traveling? at home while relaxing? on a preferred platform?

Thanks, looking forward to finding out what you're all listening to!


I like the MongaBay podcast and feel like it has a good balance of polish and grassroots grit. They have interesting speakers, usually involved in conservation and sometimes involved in conservation technology. For the podcasts I listen to, I generally enjoy the guest speaker/interview format because I feel like it provides a lot of new insight and fresh points of view. 

As for listening times, it's generally when I'm doing physical work like cleaning, working in the garden, or soldering/assembling boards. I use Google Podcasts at the moment, but it looks like it might be terminated soon.