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warbleR / R packages for bioacoustics forum

Hi all

I have a few questions regarding R and bioacoustics packages, their usage and so on. (for example, can you add an existing Wave object to a warbleR selection table?)

Is there a forum already existing where there are various threads on this? is there a reddit maybe I haven't found out yet?


Hi Axel,

You're in the right place - someone here should be able to answer your questions or direct you to other resources! I'll put this thread into our WILDLABS digest this week to bring some community members your way.


Martin Boullhesen
Instituto de Ecorregiones Andinas (INECOA)
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Hello Axel!

I've used warbleR for my own recordings analysis. You have to make your own table selections from your recordings (using Raven) and then create an R object in R.

please find attached the warbleR's workflow available from GitHub: https://github.com/maRce10/warbleR





Axel Drioli
Sounding Wild
Spatial Audio field recording and specialist

Hi Ellie and Martincho

Ellie - thank you, this is actually brilliant yes!

Martincho - thank you for your answer Martincho.
you can also create a selection table using the whole.recs = TRUE function from the .WAV files in a directory. I wanted to know if anyone has added an existing Wave object (not .wav, an audio object you create with tuneR for example) to a selection table. I have a lot of multichannel files that I need to process first as WaveMC, and then add them to a selection table. Rendering them to .wav would be too long and require too much space.

Thoughts? :)

Hi all! 

Just as a general resource, @tessa.rhinehart has a really awesome table of different bioacoustic software and R packages with their varied functionality: https://github.com/rhine3/audiomoth-guide/blob/master/resources/analysis-software.md.

I haven't worked with warbleR directly, but I've played around in monitoR and gibbonR for passive acoustic monitoring analyses. 

You might also just reach out to Marcelo (writer of the package) and ask directly...

Happy coding!