discussion / Open Source Solutions  / 19 April 2021

Volunteer 3D Design Work (Simple) for Your Open Source Project!

Hi Wildlabbers! I've been working on some mentally stressfull 3D modelling this month that's got a whole bunch of parameters and math going on. While I'm in "modelling mode" though it's much easier for me to also whip out some basic 3D designs.


So if you got an

  • open-source project that could use something extra
  • that's pretty basic (an enclosure, an adapter, logo / modification of existing enclosure)
  • that you supply the details and dimensions (and prob a basic drawing)
  • and isn't too much of a pain for me to whip up in Fusion 360 while im working in there

I'd be happy to whip up 1-2 of these free for the community (and i can even give a test print here in panama to make sure it works). First come, first serve :)


P.S. also doing some laser cutting work right now too, and could also whip up a Laser cutter-able design or two instead.