discussion / Wildlife Crime  / 6 June 2019

Virtual Meetup Special Discussion: Scaling technology solutions to tackle the illegal wildlife trade

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your interest in our virtual meetup special, Scaling technology solutions to tackle the illegal wildlife trade. We heard from four speakers, the winners of the WILDLABS TECH HUB: Eric Schmidt, Aurelie Shapiro, Peter Prince, and Tracy Alexander.

Below are some of the themes we saw in questions asked as people registered. There were heaps of questions asked during the talks themselves, so please feel free to continue those conversations here!


  • What has been your key lesson regarding the tech solutions that stick and get (re)used in the long run? (UK)
  • Are tech companies scaling this to protect species? What are the outcomes that prove this? (US)
  • Can any of these solutions be accelerated/upscaled or multiplied? (Netherlands)

Accessibility: How does these work under local limitations?

  •  How are solutions scaled in highly remote areas or those that have limited access to cell phone data? (US)
  • How can tech solutions help developing countries with poor and slow communication networks? (Botswana)
  • How do we make these technologies accessible and engage local people and authorities in using them? (UK)
  • Which technologies can be explored and utilized for countries with limited resources? (Indonesia)

How can I get involved?

  • Legal services (US)
  • Other than donating money (Austria)
  • What can I do as a software developer to help? (Georgia)
  • Collaboration: How can I use my stable of undergrads to support tech development? (US)
  • how to facilitate this through higher education STEM programs (UK)
  • The nature of the partnerships that enable these kinds of collaborations, cross-sector collaborations (US)
  • I am learning to program and am interested in the useful things people are doing with technology, with a view to my own practice. How can we help? (UK)

Other Applications

  • Can any of these technologies also be used for timber poaching? (US)
  • How to collaborate worldwide to curb the illegal trade of invertebrates? (Finland)
  • Success to address money trail/laundering (South Africa)
  • I saw that a senior remote sensing specialist from WWF was speaking. Are these solutions applicable to wider conservation problems beyond IWT?  (UK)

Looking forward to the upcoming discussion, and the follow up on these questions!