Useful Resources (add your own!)

**MODERATOR EDIT: Hi everyone, I've updated this thread to turn it into a place to share useful resources relevant to the course. Please add your own - Steph **


Complete Beginners Arduino.

Just wanted to share this link to You Tube Arduino lessons for anyone who is a complete beginner with Arduino.  This is how I learnt – a really, excellent teaching style, down to earth & very knowledgeable.

See: Paul McWhorter.

I know we’ll be covering everything on this course – just thought it might help.  It really gives a solid foundation & builds confidence.  Also, for intermediate users, Paul has some more advanced projects to learn on his channel.

Good luck!

Hi Nigel,

Interesting Bio.  I've been working in a similar conservation/ science educator-communicator role in Panama - but in an 'eco' resort setting.  I was interested to see you plan to use NIR imaging to study plant health.  I’m planning on doing that myself & I’ve got a Ras Pi/ and the NoIR camera & it’s on my ‘to do list’.

I just wanted to mention - have you seen Back Yard Brains website? (See:  Check out the ‘Plant Spiker Box’- there's also a TED talk on You tube.  I’ve used it & it’s a good way to get kids to engage with nature & tech.

Hi everyone,

Here are some resources that I hope you can find useful,

  •, a blog that explains the whole process of designing an underwater datalogger. A mine of information!
  •, Andreas Spies' channel, a multitude of communication projects and microcontrollers, all explained in a very didactic way
  •, Fernando Manso's channel, in Spanish, about electronics for everyone, the teacher that we all would have liked to have, very useful for those who want to delve into hardware and digital electronics

Cheers !