Useful Pi Script for Backing Up

Hi, I made a little utility script that folks here might find useful (or might have MUCH BETTER VERSIONS OF! and if so, let me know!)


Basically we needed a script that monitored a certain folder on the desktop. Checked it for files, and if it finds them, backs them up to external storage. Before I had seen a couple different folks and scripts people used that weren't as generalization ( you might have to mount your external storage to a certain name or something).


The script is just in our Mothbox Github:


This script should let you just plug in any old thumb drive or external hard drive, and it will make a folder called "backup photos" and it will backup your data there.


The script will also work with MULTIPLE external storages. It will seek out the one with the most available space first, and load that up, and if it gets full, it will find the next most available. 


I also have it set to clear out the files in the internal storage if the device is below a certain amount of internal storage (Currently 4GB)


Anyway, hopefully this script is 

a) helpful to you

b) reminds you of a much better, thorough, robust script you use for automated backing up, and you can send that to me, and we can use that instead :)