discussion / AI for Conservation  / 15 August 2022

Underwater Fish Datasets from the Mediterranean

Hi Wildlabs,

I am Sebastian the project manager for FishID. We are currently in the last stretch of DevOps for the FishID platform. I am hoping this awesome network can help me on my hunt for a fish dataset in the Mediterranean. I have already tried all the key websites like Fishial, Global Archive, FathomNet, VIAME, lila. I have also contacted key researchers and have done an extensive literature search. I haven't had much luck.

If the dataset is annotated (i.e., BBOX or masks) that would be great, but at this stage, we are simply looking for several 1 hr long videos. 

The purpose of FishID, similar to VIAME, BIIGLE or TATOR, is to make AI accessible to marine ecologists. 

 Hoping you can point me in the right direction :rocket: