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Turtle Monitoring DB

Does anyone know of a turtle monitoring DB or perhaps a data model in SMART for turtle monitoring? I have a partner in Africa looking for a solution.

Any leads appreciated.


Hi @[email protected] 

Thanks for reaching out. I was introduced to an excellent Kenyan NGO (LocalOcean) recently and they would be my first suggestion regarding a turtle monitoring database as they established a smartphone app, backend and frontend too and are exploring SMART at the moment. I'll share your details with them so you can investigate.

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Hi @[email protected] 
Not sure what kind of data you (or the partner organization) are interested in collectig/logging. 

SWOT just did a short article on the last issue magazine of the apps available for turtle monitoring

The just-launched "Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance" has partnered with ProVET to provide a dedicated platform (App and desktop) to record all turtle related data from the arrival at the rescue center to the release, from biometrics to the daily husbandry and medical data. 
The ProVet platform will be distributed globally as part of the Alliance work to enhance marine turtle medicine and will be supported by a dedicated Microsoft Team learning and data-sharing platform for the Alliance members. The first 3 Rescue Centers have just started the trial and data migration phase and will be available to other stranding or rescue centers on tiers (as will need some support ) across 2021-22. Membership to the Alliance will be regulated but should be free, depending on the data volume, size of the centers and the specific features requested from ProVET.
The website should be up and running before Christmas. 
Happy to provide more info as the platform becomes available.

Hi @[email protected] and all,

Please check out https://iot.wildbook.org

Cloud-based data management and computer vision for photo ID using the WIldbook platform. We would love to support additional groups and species.