discussion / Marine Conservation  / 17 March 2023

Tools & Experiences with Sea Turtle Monitoring

Hi wildlabbers, 

Mtalii Ochieng gave us an awesome walkthrough all the tools and tech his team at Bahari hai is using in their work to monitor and protect sea turtles. The dicussion was full of people working with turtles in different parts of the world, and there seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for exchanging experiences and learning from what the Bahari hai team are doing. So if you missed it, catch up on the session here: 

And if you have any question or comments you'd like to ask Mtalii, drop them below and we'll make sure he and the team pop in to see them and connect with you. And if you find the tutorial valuable, we'd also love to hear it! Pop in and leave your comments and question below. 



Great webinar! I am working with the Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organization and would love to get in touch about the apps Mtalii and his team use for collecting their data. We're looking to streamline our process and make it easier for our volunteers to help capture vital nesting and sighting data on Dominica. Hoping to connect with Mtalii so we can implement some of the awesome apps they've been using for their turtle research. Feel free to message me! Thanks!