discussion / Camera Traps  / 14 February 2024

Timelapse Infrared Camera Suggestions

I am researching cameras for my thesis project researching harbor seals. I need a trail camera that can take infrared images in Timelapse mode. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi Michelle!

Many cameras will be able to do timelapse mode and use IR when needed but I am not aware of any that will use IR mode all the time. 

It may be possible to hack them to this if that is a must!

Have you ever tried something like that, @Rob_Appleby

I have used Reconyx for many years. They are somewhat pricy but seem to last forever.




[edit 2024-02-25: if you’re looking for a true ir thermal image, I am not aware of any commercial trail cameras that have the necessary image sensor.  That would make the rest of my original response moot]

Can you give more details of what you're looking for?   I think you're asking for a camera that will take periodic photos even at night; and that for these shots you want an IR flash to illuminate the scene?    Does the camera also need to take periodic photos during daylight (with no flash?) What if it does?  What's the frequency at which you need to take photos (day or night).   Do you care if the camera also takes additional photos if triggered by the PIR sensor?    How many cameras will you be using?  And what's your timeframe?  

[Sorry for all the questions.  I know that Browning cameras will not take timelapse photos at night. This is a "feature" of their timelapse mode which is aimed at capturing deer activity at dawn and dusk over a wide field of view.   On the other hand, I have successfully hacked the firmware in Browning HP5 models (and a couple others).  I did add some more frequent timelapse rates (e.g. 2 and 1 seconds), and I added seconds level resolution to the info-strip (to make time timestamping frequent timelapse photos easier.  See link at the end fo this post. 

Having spent some time trying to reverse engineer the factory timelapse code, I can report it's a little convoluted.  It's possible I could get a "full time timelapse" feature to work, but it might take a while, as I'm in the middle of a couple other projects.  If you can't find an existing camera that does what you want, ping me.