discussion / Biologging  / 13 November 2015

Think for Tigers challenge by WildCRU at Oxford

I just saw this recently. The text below is copied from their web site. Feel free to register and apply.

Think for Tigers aims to find an innovative idea, product or solution that will help researchers and rangers locate, track or monitor an individual or group of tigers in the wild, to better study and protect them...


Tigers are rare, elusive and the largest wild cats. They are threatened by poaching for illegal trade, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict. Researchers and rangers are working around the clock to protect them, however the threats to tigers are increasing and time is running out. The problem is tigers live in dense, vast ranging habitats making them difficult to study. We need to improve the way we monitor tigers to effectively protect them. How might we better monitor the last 3200 tigers in the wild?


Let your imagination ‘run wild’! Look not only at the available tools and approaches being used with tigers, but also consider technologies used elsewhere that could be repurposed. If you don’t find something that exactly meets your needs then invent something new! Register on the platform, answer ten questions and submit your idea, product or solution for your chance to win a ten day trip to visit tiger habitat and hopefully spot tigers in the wild! WildCRU of University of Oxford, who will aim to test your idea at a project site, will announce the winning idea. Your idea could help revolutionize the way we monitor and protect the last tigers in the wild.


You are eligible to apply for the Think for Tigers challenge if you are aged 18 years or older and are affiliated with a college, institute, university (as an undergraduate or graduate student, researcher or academic) or with a non-governmental, governmental or intergovernmental organization working in the field of nature conservation or with a technically creative company. There are no restrictions on the academic disciplines; biologists are encouraged but those from other fields such as design, engineering and philosophy are also equally welcome. The application deadline is December 22, 2015.