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TECH TUTORS: Tell us what you want to see!

Hi everyone!

The WILDLABS team is planning to launch a new series of short, livestreamed video sessions focusing on the “How-To” questions of conservation tech. Featuring a rotating variety of tech topics and conservation themes, this tutorial series will provide quick, practical, and interactive answers to questions like “how do I repair my hardware in the field?”, “how do I get started training a machine learning model?”, "how do I launch my own citizen science platform to analyze my new data?", or “what do all these settings on my new camera trap system do?”

With short 30 minute livestreams and Q&As designed to fit nicely into your lunch break, this series will be a great chance to connect with experts and get advice on tricky tech topics, gather new DIY ideas, learn the best troubleshooting techniques, and find out what tools your friends in the WILDLABS community recommend for your latest projects. Though this series will be similar in theme to our Virtual Meetup series, these new livestreamed sessions will be more compact, feature one speaker or group at a time, and focus heavily on the "how do I do that?" questions of the #tech4wildlife world.

Our covered topics will suit a wide audience, with some tutorials geared towards those with advanced technical skills, and some aimed at those who are curious about trying out different conservation tech tools for the first time.

We’re still in the early stages of planning, and we’d like to hear from the community about what you’d like to watch! Help us shape our first How-To livestream series by commenting in this thread with the tech questions you’d like answered, DIY projects you're interested in trying, or tools and themes you’d like to learn more about. 

Do you have other suggestions or questions for us? Would you like to lead one of our first livestreams, or know someone in the conservation tech community who you’d love to see featured? Let us know! Comment in this thread with all your ideas, and email [email protected] if you’re interested in signing up to lead a session.

Thank you!

**EDIT: Interested in presenting? Fill out our presenter sign up form, link below**

Hi all,

Our Presenter Sign-Up sheet is ready to go! If you're interested in being a presenter for our first tutorial series, let us know what you're interested in presenting and when you're available. Don't know the exact topic you'd like to present yet? That's okay - tell us your area of expertise, and we'll help you figure out what questions you can answer for the community. 

Submit your Presenter form here!


Hi all! Firstly, I love this webinar series idea and I second Carly's suggestions!

I would also be interested to learn how to make my audio recorders' battery life last as long as possible. What ways can I increase the capacity of my batteries (more specifically for AudioMoths)? This is with the understanding I can alter the time the AudioMoth is on and off - ideally ON as much as possible. Creative solutions encouraged, thanks!

I'd love to hear about solutions to weatherproof/animal-proof AudioMoth units. I've seen some good threads here on weatherproofing solutions, but little on how to make cases that protect against animal damage (from rodents, hyenas, etc.) without impacting audio quality. Would love to see more on that, thanks!