discussion / Marine Conservation  / 2 December 2020

Tech Tutors: How do I use open access remote sensing data to monitor fishing?

Hi Wildlabbers,

Welcome back to Tech Tutors for season 2!  

This season's first episode featured Oceanmind's Max Schofield, who tackled the question, "How do I use open access remote sensing data to monitor fishing?" If you missed the recording, you can watch the entire thing below and on our Youtube. You can also find the collaborative notes doc from this episode here.

This thread is your place to continue the Q&A (or ask your question ahead of time if you can't make it to the episode). Drop any questions for Max in this thread and we'll make sure he sees them!

And likewise, if you have questions for each other or want to continue discussions from the episode chat, you can also use this thread to connect and collaborate!

See you all tomorrow -