discussion / Biologging  / 5 August 2020

Tech Tutors: How do I use a drone to capture radio-tracking data?

Hi Wildlabbers, 

We hope you enjoyed our seventh WILDLABS Tech Tutor episode, featuring Debbie Saunders, who tackled the question: How do I use a drone to capture radio-tracking data? 

Whether you're new to using drones as conservation tech, or you're looking for pointers on how to branch out with your drone projects, you'll surely get something useful from this episode.

You can find all of our collaborative notes from this episode here, and watch the full recording below!

If you have questions that don't get answered in the sessions or want to continue discussions that pop up in the chat, please use this thread to keep the conversation going. We'll pass any follow-up questions posted in here along to Debbie. 

You can also find more about Debbie and Wildlife Drones on the main episode page here.