discussion / Protected Area Management Tools  / 15 September 2021

Tech Tutors: How do I get started with participatory mapping?

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow's episode will be with Christine Wilkinson, who will be talking us through how to get started with participatory mapping. Come join us to learn about the importance of involving communities in your conservation tech work, incorporating local knowledge into research and management, and factoring ethical and logistical considerations into your projects.

If you can't make it to the live episode, we'll be sharing the recording afterward in here, on WILDLABS, and on our Youtube channel. Remember that this thread is a place for you to follow up on anything related to the discussion, so if you have remaining questions on the topic just drop them below.

If you haven't registered yet, you can still find out more details and do so here. Hope to see you there!


Update: You can catch the recording of this episode on our Youtube and below!