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Tech Tutors East Africa: Call for Topics and Speakers

Hello everyone,

We're so excited to announce that our popular Tech Tutors series is coming back soon, with a new regional focus! This year, our sessions will feature experts from across East Africa to explore conservation tech questions of special importance to our community members in this region! 

In this special season of Tech Tutors East Africa, we'll explore diverse topics on both terrestrial and marine tech tools and answer the big "how do I do that?" questions of our growing regional community, providing practical steps and skills participants can use as the building blocks of their conservation tech knowledge.

Focused on covering tools and topics that help address conservation challenges unique to East Africa as well as some of the needs identified from research, this upcoming season will help us unearth the tools suited to your work, show you how to put those tools into use in the field or lab, and give you an opportunity to ask experts questions & advice through live participant Q&As.    

As we build this season, we'd love to hear directly from you about how Tech Tutors East Africa can answer your questions! 

Let us know what relevant topics you’d like us to cover, what speakers you’d like us to feature, and what challenges you're facing in building your conservation tech skills.  Are there tools you'd like to learn more about, or topics you'd like further resources to explore? Your suggestions will help us define the direction of these events and ensure we're meeting this community's needs.

Read on to learn more about what we're looking for this season, and how you can get involved:

How do we run Tech Tutors? 


In these events, we'll cover a mix of tools and topics surrounding both the marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Sessions will be geared towards solving some of the most persistent conservation challenges in the region, which may include: human-wildlife conflict, poaching, forest and land degradation, illegal wildlife trafficking, climate change impacts, etc.

We are also hoping to cover tools that have been locally deployed and have speakers share practical case studies on using these tools in practice. Some examples of these topics include: ‘How do I set up my wildlife camera traps on rugged terrains?’ or ‘How do I get started with SMART to collect data in the field?’

Who are we looking to feature?

We'd like to feature a mix of different speakers from across East Africa, harnessing diverse perspectives on topics and tools deployed in the region, sparking new conversations & ideas within this community, and enhancing collaborations across the East African landscape.

If you’d like to be a speaker, kindly submit this form; let us know what tools/topics you’d like to cover and when you are available. 

And if you also have any great speakers in mind, share the form with them or send them our way!

Let us know your comments and suggestions in this thread or email me at: [email protected]

Thank you!

Definitely second doing one on SMART! It's been asked about before a number of times in other virtual events so I think the need/want is for sure there.