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Tech Tutors 3 is Coming: Call for topics & presenters!

Hi Wildlabbers, 

It's been a quiet few months since Tech Tutors 2 wrapped, but a *lot* of things have been happening behind the scenes that we're really excited about. We can't wait to start sharing them with you over the coming weeks and months. 

The first thing up is our new season of Tech Tutors! This upcoming season will be split into three blocks of tutorials spread throughout July, August, September, and October. These segments will include a mixture of core technology tutorials and thought-provoking topics that enhance conservation technology projects and speak to our community’s needs. 

This season will feature more live walkthroughs than any other season of Tech Tutors, emphasizing the “building blocks” core of the series by providing participants with guidance on getting started with popular and powerful emerging tools like Wildlife Insights and Microsoft’s Megadetector. If you can walk us through a core tool you use in your work, we'd like to hear from you! 

We're also looking for speakers who can talk about bespoke or unique hardware they've built to meet the challenges of a specific conservation need or environment. These tutorials will be put into the context of understanding available tools and the benefits of their integration, as well as applying the design or project planning process to participants’ own projects.

Finally, we're looking for other episodes focusing on including Indigenous knowledge in conservation technology projects, building local capacity, and incorporating ethics into project planning will set these important conversations against a background of improving the community’s conservation tech work and accessibility.

More on Tech Tutors 

What topics do you want us to cover?

As always, we want to hear from you! We're right in the midst of planning this next season and are starting to pin down speakers and topics for the next lineup. 

While things are in flux, now is the perfect time to tell us if you have a topic you want us to cover this next season. Help us shape this next How-To livestream series by replying to this thread with the tech questions you’d like answered, DIY projects you're interested in trying, or tools and themes you’d like to learn more about. 

What would you present? 

If you have a tutorial you'd like to pitch - even if it doesn't fit into the broad themes I've outlined above - we want to hear from you. Please fill out our presenter form here: https://forms.gle/6UgKYHiSA7NGVCxS8

We are particularly interested in hearing from women and speakers from outside the US/UK. And if you know of someone who is doing great work who we should get in touch with, please forward them the form, or tell our team so we can go find them! Comment below or email me here: [email protected] 


Thanks everyone, can't wait to see you in this next season!


A suggestion for something I repeatedly get asked:

- How do I create maps of land cover change for my area and assess accuracy, using free software and limited (or no) coding skills?

Any takers?? I keep meaning to take a look at the latest plugins in QGIS, for example, but haven't got around to it...