discussion / Community Base  / 23 April 2020

Survey: Conservation Tech Applications in Vietnam

Dear all Wildlabs members,

If you are a biologist, scientist, researcher or conservationist, please help us fill out the survey or connect us to both institutions that you know or your friends and colleagues for our research “Science and technology application for Wildlife Conservation”

We are young students who dream to become wildlife conservationists and vets and with passion for wildlife conservation, we want to gain much more knowledge about the technology application in conservation activities. Therefore, we have found a team and have been conducting research with the following contents:

• Systematizing and aggregating of available technology for wildlife conservation in the world and in Vietnam.

• Analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and feasibility when applied in Vietnam.

• Recommending on technology application trends for conservation in Vietnam. 

 Eventually, we hope we are able to consult research and institutions about the appropriate technology they should implement. Desirably, we can use this research’s result to both help Vietnamese rangers, and researchers about potentail tech helping them work more effectively and organize a big Hackathon for Wildlife conservation here, in Hanoi at the end of 2020. Attached is the Outline of the research.

Survey: https://bit.ly/Tech4WC,

please fill it out please fill it out and share with your colleagues whose job relevant

We assure you that all your information will only be used for this reserach

 Thank you and have a good day!
Your sincerely,

Minh Chau