discussion / Early Career  / 13 January 2023

Summer Internships in Conservation Tech


I am a current undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis in my junior year studying environmental engineering, and I am interested in gaining an internship or research experience in conservation technology. I have a variety of experiences already, including in ecology research, environmental impact assessments, and hands-on engagement with animals and the environment. After doing some poking around, I have only found a few organizations hiring. Is anyone aware of organizations that might be interested in having an intern join their team for the summer of 2023? I am particularly interested in open source hardware development, but I am open to other opportunities as well. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Saw this recently on Twitter!

ConservationX and Rainforest Connection usually have open intern positions as well, so I'd check those websites. And if there's a particular area within conservation tech that you're interested in, you could also check out the Conservation Tech Directory and search around for organizations or companies to potentially reach out to about internships.